Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

And a few words on how your week’s going, please! Plus, very important: how do you take your coffee?

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: make the first and last words of your story “whale.”

Mirissa, whale watching, blue whale

Mirissa (Sri Lanka), blue whale. CC2.0 photo by Arian Zwegers.

23 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. “Whale of a tale” I thought to myself, lifting the awkwardly shaped yard glass to my mouth in a desperate attempt to coax one last drop of the amber ale free. My buddy was already on his sixth yard and besides the glassy eyed stare, showed no signs of slowing down. I ordered a second numbing my ears to his exaggerated, oft repeated story. Beginning with the big one getting away, just as the sun was setting outside our oceanside bar we met at every day, so too did he bag the escapee just in time for supper, a whale.


    My week is unpredictable at best. I’m making the most of just rolling with it.


    • Love this emotional portrayal, like a moment frozen in time. You did such a great job conveying the speaker’s feelings, and I reeeeeeally love the symbolism of the whale.

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  2. Conversation overheard in a Hollywood Bar

    “Yeah. James Whale. Hell of a director. Life just got too much for him.”
    “Would I know any of his films?”
    “We’re talking a long time ago. You might know of Frankenstein.”
    “Everyone knows Frankenstein…”
    “The movie…1931…Karloff?”
    “Carloff…doesn’t ring a bell.”
    “And Natasha…yeah, that sounds familiar. Cartoon spies. I saw it when I was a kid.”
    “How old are you?”
    “Thirty. I was born in ’85. So this Whale guy directed Boris and Natasha?”
    “Nope. He was long gone by then. Died in 1957.”
    “Drowned. Swallowed some pills. Jumped in his pool. Pretending to be a whale.”

    100 sad ends
    fun week on the flash fiction front. surprised myself by winning micro bookends. my first judging coming up… and now a week of rain.


    • CONGRATS, Bill!!! How’d I miss seeing that win?! Heading over!!! –this story is SOOOO SAD! I wonder what the previous generation would grieve *my* not knowing?? It would be so interesting to see a multi-generational take. -Though for myself–I don’t know any Boris and Natasha cartoon, but I do know Boris Karloff (at least, in Frankenstein….)–


  3. CUE “JAWS” THEME MUSIC (100 words)

    Whale watching in Provincetown, Massachusetts has always been one of the major tourist draws for visitors. The little town on the very tip of Cape Cod had been a whaling and fishing center for almost two hundred years and a mecca for artists, writers and other bohemian types for over one hundred years.

    Recently there has been a proliferation of Great White sharks in the area. Over the last three years four people were killed by sharks. One toddler survived in the belly of a shark for a full hour before being extracted. Yes Jonas, a shark, not a whale.
    That’s all fiction, of course. However, now that the Harbor Seal is a protected species, this place is full of these monster sharks. 86 were tagged just this summer. YouTube it and you’ll see some scary video. I’m never going swimming (or kayaking) in the ocean again. I did bring my sister and my nephew on a whale watch last summer and we saw about a dozen of these enormous denizens of the deep right up close to the boat. Ok, call me a wimp but I still have my life and limbs. I hope I’m not scaring potential tourists away from our little town. You can always come and buy flip-flops and silly t-shirts.


    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Steven, you crack me up. Your story is fantastic–really love the tone. But I love your PS just as much. Toooo funny. Also, scary. I’ve been in little motorboats trailed by dozens of dolphins–I’ll just stick to THAT, if it’s ok?? No thanks to the Great Whites. Ack. Hand me a t-shirt, please.


  4. Whale
    Word Count: 100


    “Your name is Whale?”

    “No. They call me Whale.”

    “Um, why?”

    Whale smiled. She loved the look on people’s faces when she told them that. They would always hesitate, their eyes running over her body, making note that she wasn’t a particularly large person. They would open their mouth as if to say something then close it fast, thinking better of it.

    Then she’d walk out toward the rising tide, lift her hands up to the setting sun, and fall into the salty bliss that was her home. She was free to swim again in her true form, Whale.

    My week, so far, has been pretty terrible. Yesterday was the worst. But all I can do is hope and pray that today will be better and keep moving forward. Oh and keep writing, always keep writing. 🙂


    • Oh sweet Caitlin, I am so sorry for your awful week. Thank you for your courage in still coming here, sharing your heart and stories. May today be better, tomorrow better still. –And regardless, may hope spark and grow until it’s a roaring flame. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous whale story: the supernatural bit at the end was unexpected and AWESOME.

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      • Thank you Rebekah for your encouragement. Being part of this online community has been such a blessing and helped me many times when I have been down and out. 🙂

        And thank you for your kind words on my story. 🙂 I actually had a completely different story in mind until I read the special challenge, then I had to change it. 😉


  5. A Whale of a Tale Detour
    by Alissa Leonard
    100 words

    “Whale turds.” Jimmy grimaced and crossed his arms. At Max’s confused stare he continued, “You know, like, that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard? I could’ve said dino turds, but they’re not alive anymore, so I went with the biggest animal-”

    Max interrupted, “But, do whales even poop? They live in the ocean.”

    “Why would that make a difference? They eat. They must poop.”

    “But nobody’s ever seen a whale turd-”

    “You’ve seen elephant poop, right? Whales are waaaay bigger.”

    “…Without air do you think it stinks?”

    “…I don’t know… Wait. Why are we talking about a whale?”


    I don’t even know why I’m posting this…. Should this be classified under “You know you’ve been reading too much Middle Grade when…”? Sheesh. My week is going well. I’ve been re-energized into finishing the edits on the novel. It’s gonna happen this year. For sure. …Really. Anyway, I’m a little stressed at the craziness of this month, but I’ll tackle that when it comes. Also, I don’t drink coffee. When I do, it’s very sweet and very light. Really I just want it in ice cream form. Does that count? 😉


    • HAHAHAHA! that’s so great. How random and poop-centric, just like junior high boys. So funny, I actually laughed out loud. –HURRAY for refreshed editing starts, that’s marvelous! sorry for the stress, but I love that you’re working on the novel. I believe in you!!!! (and how about a peppermint white mocha frappuccino instead?)


      • Those are certainly delish, and I wouldn’t say no to one…pretty much ever. 😉 I’m so glad you got a laugh out of the story! 🙂 Thanks for believing in me. ❤


  6. My Pet Blue Whale
    Whale. Not guppies or pretty angel fish. I have a pet blue whale. It started out an ink spot but became a winters sky. My father made a special aquarium. Inside is a real sunken ship. We went broke feeding it. People found out about us and send us food and money. Our blue whale now eats hamburgers… White Castle are its favorites. Then authorities took my pet blue whale away. They put it back in the ocean. I watched it sink below the surface. It seemed happy like a tear falling into a glass of white wine. Oh whale.


    I am right now on a sailboat by my home on Martha’s Vineyard. My wife is making cider. Our house is on a cove that leads to the ocean. Every morning I take my boat out to sea to feed my blue whale hamburgers. I have a first edition copy of Moby Dick that I read to it. It likes Herman Melville. Then I will come home and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and sip cider by a fire. With my sheep dog next to me.


    • I like my coffee resembling a triple espresso, or being a triple espresso, preferably in France while it is raining in a small cafe. Someplace like Arles. Or Paris. Or the Village in NYC. I like Peets French Roast. Gevalia. Jamaican Blue Mountain. But like many things it has to do with the circumstances. Even the worst coffee, gas station watered down coffee, can be great when you have been driving all night. But the best coffee is the coffee you don’t drink because you are entranced by some beautiful woman and great conversation. Like the best alcohol is the glass that only candle light devours as you engage with friends and forget everything else.


  7. Boat Trip

    “Whale!” Margaret shrieked.

    Linus was equally as excited but, at nine, he had to show more self-control than his younger sister. There was a book in his hands and by the time he looked up, the whale was gone.

    The wind whipped his hair into his face as they captain accelerated. It made it hard to finish the chapter.

    “Linus! We’re getting closer.”

    “Leave me alone, Mar.”

    Then, from the direction of the ocean a spray of water hit his cheek. He turned his head and, closer than he ever imagined, was an eye.

    He screamed.

    Margaret laughed. “See, whale.”


  8. Out of Tune

    “Her eyes are teary.”
    “There you go, Val, projecting sadness all over the world. Whales don’t cry; they swim and spray through blowholes. ”
    “It’s a proven fact that whales feel emotion.”
    “And you think that emotion is sadness?”
    “Not always, they also show gratitude.”
    “Okay, so why do you think this one is sad?”
    “I can feel it; maybe it’s telepathy.”
    “Ha, Val the psychic.”
    “Not psychic, somehow, I seem to be attuned to nature.”
    “Aha, Val the healer.”
    “Stop being so skeptical.”
    “So, now you are calling me names?”
    “Ugh, why can’t we be attuned to each other?”

    100 words
    My week is riddled with several ailments, none of which deserve a public mention, but they give a free pass to skip undesirable chores. So, I win. Glass is half-full.


  9. “Whale,” Tabitha said, grabbing my arm.
    “What? Where?” I sat up too quickly, banging my head on the bunk above.
    “Right there. See, with the mermaid riding it?”
    Outside the porthole, the grey sea rolled, empty as ever. Tabitha laughed as if the joke would never get old.
    They all say there’s none left, that the last whales choked on plastic krill and nothing patrols the seas but sunken U-boats and broken remnants of bleached coral. So I moved above deck to ponder logical fallacies, alone. The absence of evidence is not evidence … and that’s when I saw the whale.

    I take my coffee in the form of tea!


  10. The kerfuffle reached third floor: Humpbacks in English Bay! Productivity timers whined as tech support vacated cubicles in favor of the windows. Not Carl. He had stuff to do.

    “Is that—?”

    “Harbor seal.”


    Carl snorted. All this commotion for a damn pinniped.

    “By the water taxi!”

    “Whoa, a tail!”

    “Must be lost.”

    Carl’s fingers froze over the return key. He abandoned his station, pushed through the emergency exit. Klaxons shrilled behind him.

    Sand oozed into his loafers. Frigid water dragged at his cuffs. Carl hesitated, shivering.

    A spout!

    His suit washed ashore as Carl dog-paddled toward his destiny.

    There have actually been grey whales in English Bay (a busy Vancouver harbor) all week this week. The aquarium has had to put out all kinds of warnings as locals hopped-up on repeated viewings of Whale Rider videos steer boats and/or swim at the cetaceans. Oh, what one will do to experience the sublime.

    Anyway, after lifetimes of renting, we just bought our first home (condo) in the craziest market outside of Hong Kong.


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