Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

And a few words on how your week’s going? My favorite part of this warmup.

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: include the end of a long journey.

Pilgrim's Progress. "Thus, they got over." Public domain illustration by Frederick Barnard 1889,

Pilgrim’s Progress. “Thus, they got over.” Public domain illustration by Frederick Barnard 1889.

35 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. The bonds of brotherhood

    Jared and Jacob stared up at the almighty beast before them and knew they were in trouble.

    The Dragon peered down at them and cracked a smile, “Lucky for you I’ve just eaten, I could only manage one of you for desert…”

    Jacob was the first to speak “Nice try foul creature but you’ll never break our bond of brotherhood. We’ve been through wars together, looked after each other’s families, shared many a heroic tale. We shall go down swinging together, isn’t that right?”

    Jared nodded slowly before adding, “I had curry for lunch, so he’s probably your better option…”

    100 words
    Launched v2.0 of my author website this week and trying a whole lot of new things, why not pop by and check it out 🙂 – http://www.todayschapter.com

  2. A Squire and His Knight
    by Stephen Shirres (@The_Red_Fleece)

    A white horse dashed to the river bank. The Squire reached down and helped his master to his feet. The cold water now lapped at both their waists. His Squire didn’t worry about his own soaked cloth clothes but how to stop his master’s armour rusting.
    “What could have gone wrong?” The Knight opened the hand drawn map. “We followed it exactly. Turn left at the forked tree, right at the stone circle and into the red mountains. This river should not be here.”
    The Squire sighed. How did he tell his master he had the map upside down?

    I’ve been enjoying a late weekend after working both Saturday and Sunday. I’m presently on a train to Aberdeen to see one of my best friends.

  3. Terminus (100 words excluding title)

    Seaweed caresses my ankles as we wade into the freezing sea. I’d seen that gleam in his eyes before, as the last rites were being administered before battle; willingness to sacrifice his life for a cause greater than himself. The fires of war extinguished, he returned to declare his love, destruction still thrilling inside him.
    The sea grows louder, a swell and hush crushing, an abyss of ambiguity stretching to darkness.
    My nervous laughter escalates to distressed pleas as rain spits in flurries, whipping our skin, but his logic is irretrievable. He begs for heaven. I swim to shore.

    Just back from holidays so am full of that early September feeling of “back to school” optimism, ready to get stuck in!

    [November 11, 1620 – in what is now known as Provincetown Harbor] (100 words)

    “Land ho!” Jed yelled down from the crow’s nest. “I see a bustling town of festive revelers. Many appear to be dressed as the indian from the Village People!”

    “But do you see a big rock? We must find Plymouth Rock. Nostradamus has written that it will be in all the children’s textbooks,” shouted the pilot of the Mayflower.

    “No, I see flip-flops and colorful beach balls and over-priced lobster rolls. I see same-sex couples holding hands,” Jed reported.

    Captain Christopher Jones looked over to his first mate and winked. “We have arrived my friend.”
    Ptown has one more week of zaniness before turning back into the sleepy sea-side village of fishermen and artists (and writers). On a historical note: the Pilgrims left Provincetown on December 20th and settled in Plymouth because there were more trees to use as fuel and for building houses. They often returned to the tip of Cape Cod to fish and to attend the wild afternoon Tea Dances and the Boat Slip Resort (best DJ ever!).

    • So funny, Steven! Loved the ending. I felt my heart leap to my throat when I saw you wrote about Plymouth Rock! Seems we were both drawn to it though mine is darker, so think we’re good here. 🙂

  5. Mr. Bubble and the Light From Heaven
    Me and my brother used to take baths together when we were little to save hot water. We lived in a poor section of Queens, New York. There were sounds of gunshots and all kinds of noise, frequently, outside our dilapitaed window. We hid in the bath tub. We used almost an entire box of Mr. Bubble so the bubbles would conceal us in a white stupor. We stayed in for hours. Then my mother would come like a light from heaven to take us from our sanctuary. We begged and pleaded but she pulled the plug on the drain.

    • Loved Mr. Bubbles, though I couldn’t wait to get out. Claw-foot tubs scare the bejeezus outta me to this day! 😀

  6. Michael Phelps is a Knight in Rusted Armour
    Swimming with armour on was difficult but he had trained for many years. It would be like a crab doing the butterfly; if he crashed at the bottom he would be prepared.

    Being a knight, he liked to get to the point. His heart a star he followed.

    After swimming more than 15 years he eventually made it to thin water near the shore. His wife greeted him and they both looked to the sky and thanked God for the safe passage. But, unfortunately, he had rusted to the point that he could no longer walk. The waves loomed large.

  7. Home At Last
    Word Count: 100

    I have waited for you.

    I have Watched you.

    I’ve seen your battle with Darkness itself.

    I’ve seen you through the waves he crashed upon you.

    I’ve held you in those moments you thought I was gone.

    I’ve heard your praises.

    I’ve heard your doubts.

    I’ve seen you laugh…

    I’ve seen you cry.

    I’ve seen you bear witness, whether it be through words or actions.

    Your smile could light up a room and brighten anyone’s day, no matter who they were.

    You have traveled the narrow path, difficult as it was.

    I welcome you home, my good and faithful servant.

    I have been battling some personal demons this past few weeks, plunging deep into a dark version of myself. This week started out dismal, but it seems to be looking a little brighter.

  8. Title: Woe Be The Lovers
    Word count: 100 words
    Twitter: @bibi_n_yusuf


    ‘Is this the end for us?’ Jermaine wonders as the water swirls around them.

    Shianne is muttering with her hands together. Jermaine is sure that she’s praying.

    Despite everything, she still had faith in God. He didn’t share her faith. Especially not after being betrayed by the men he once called brothers and the Church.

    The water level continues to rise. Soon it’ll complete submerge the cell.

    If he’s going to die because he fell in love, then he’s going to die loving his woman!

    Jermaine grabs Shianne and kisses her, cutting off her prayers—it won’t help them anyways.

    It’s been an idle week…
    — N

  9. The Sunflower Exhibit

    Celestrial City with skyscrapers made of light coming from all directions sent no shadow.

    City of Destruction with candle lit darkness created dancing walls of neon and shattered windows.

    Moving between shadows burning coldness the emptyness took all it didn’t have.

    From the womb we’re a bullet shot toward light.

    The canvase starts plain and empty as we beat the paint through our senses.

    A sunflower grows from lake of fire a soul bleeding master stroke.

    It’s weak holding light like a weightlifter of dreams inside a vase of eyes.

    Later, it grows in a museum surrounded by weary travelers.

  10. @PattyannMc
    WC: 94

    Oh Pater!

    We implore your protection crossing the ominous ocean towards home.

    Storms and wicked seas swirl angry upon us,

    Boat capsized, I in my armor, she at my side;

    Escaping from fairytales turned horrors of delusional freedom.

    I cannot stay afloat for long, the sea drags at my legs,

    Oh Pater, save my Lady and the unborn! It was I who has sinned.

    I who sought the pretense of freedom, the Rock at Plymouth enticing me to new ways of life.

    Punish not my loves; I sacrifice for them if you but hear my plea!

    It’s been a harrowing two weeks of family discord, but the worst is behind, blessedly. Was in a writing slump during, but since, have had two 1st place wins this week and a terrific HM. One of the stories won a prize! My first payment ever! Feeling revived and RARING to go! 😀

  11. Crossing the River
    Word Count: 100 words

    She looked so frail and small sitting in the red three seater couch. She seemed to be aging every day now. There was less hair atop her head, less flesh around her eyes and wrists. Her expression carried new notes of discomfort, but she was pleased to see me.
    “Marley! Come sit down” she patted the sofa next to her. She must have noticed my grimace. “what’s wrong dear?”
    “well, it’s… you’re…” I didn’t really want to say the words.
    “Old? dying? I know Marls.” so prosaic. “It happens. People have a habit of dying eventually. Perhaps it’s peer pressure?”

    I hope you’ll forgive me for using the picture’s metaphor rather than it’s content. I’m not sure if that would normally be allowed(?), but I’m new here. I need to make the most of it while that excuse still works, right?

    • No excuses needed here, Bridget. The admins, I’m sure would agree. Looking outside the norms of the prompts are welcomed and writing from a different perspective is respected. Have fun with it, happy writing and welcome to our playground! 😀

  12. To Live, in an Unending Circle
    100 words

    We stand like the ancient oak against the winds of change. Rooted deeply in earth we reach beyond the stars.

    We are the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. We change; we grow; we fade… we fail, but with each change we solidify. With each growth we learn. When we fade, we shine and when we fail, we learn to try again.

    Each passing marks us, reminds us that we are ash swirling in the maelstrom and each moment is a madcap magic that will never come again.

    We are the children who come and go throughout time.

    This week has been a roller coaster. Seeing friends and saying good byes… Carpenter Ants and Frisbee crazed puppies. The big reminder is “Life is short- don’t leave things unsaid.”

    • Wonderful piece, MT. That last line is brilliant! On a personal note, it sounds as if you’ve lost someone, I offer my condolences. I lost my mom recently and unfortunately, much was left unsaid.

      • Thank you, for the compliment and condolences. This story started in my head as I left the hospital. I’m both saddened and starting to accept that she is free…

        I am sorry for your loss as well. It’s never easy.

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