Spotlight: Sydney Scrogham

** CONGRATULATIONS TO EMILY!!!! (The Emily who commented Tues at 10:21pm.) Please contact me here and we’ll get that copy of Chase into your horse-loving hands! **

One of my favorite features here at Flash! Friday is #Spotlight, in which we get to chat with draggins across the writing community about writing stuff. (Do you have a book coming out? Let me know! This mic is for you!) 

Today it’s a pleasure to sit down for a minute with Sydney Scrogham. You will doubtless remember her from her recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed win here at Flash! Friday. I’m also delighted to say she is a member of my dear Shenandoah Valley Writers, and we couldn’t be happier to help celebrate the publication of her novel Chase by inviting her to the dragonstage to tell us all about it.

Be sure to leave a comment today; Sydney is generously giving away a FREE COPY of Chase to a randomly selected commenter. Thank you, Sydney!

Sydney Scrogham

Tell us about your writing journey. You’ve been writing a while! What sorts of writing have driven you? Has your heart chosen a genre (which, and why)? Have you had any formal writing training?

Ha, I haven’t had any formal training in writing.  But that’s okay.  That means there’s hope for us all!

I am suckered into fantasy and romance… and I’ll sometimes swing for a little sci-fi (having studied neuroscience).  I prefer fantasy because you don’t have to really know anything  – you can make it up, and it’s super easy to dig yourself out of a hole.  (It can also be super cool, too.)  And romance… just because.  Everyone wants romance nowadays, but even if they didn’t, I’d still write it.  I love it. (Pun intended.)

Please introduce us to Chase! Tell us about this world and the key players in it.

Chase started back when I was 14ish and I had a suicidal long-distance friend.  I wanted to write a story that would speak into that pain and let my friend know that no matter what, she would still be loved by God.  Here’s where my love for romance comes in – I can’t stand it when people think of God and faith as just a religious ritual.  It’s so much more than that.  Romance was God’s idea, and He’s reading poetry and giving flowers and singing to us… all the time.  Sometimes it’s hard to see and listen to that.  So, why not write a book?  Originally, Chase was designed to be a Jesus-figure character.  And Lauren represented humanity.  All of the Alicorns represented Israel, and the Snix represented Satan.  Some of the lines there got blurred with the rewrite, but that was how the story was conceived.

But aside from that, my favorite part about Chase is, well, Chase.  I love that he acts and thinks like a horse, everything is simple, and he will consider rolling on the beach to scratch his back.  But at the same time, he’s also very human.  For example, the first time he talks to Lauren, he gets tongue-tied like a school-boy crush.  I also love the world Chase lives in – Agalrae – my version of Narnia.  The idea for Agalrae came from Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway (you can see what I’m seeing on Pinterest @sszoewriter), and every time I go hiking up there, the magic of Agalrae tingles in the air for me.

Next: I’m dying to know about Chase’s journey. Tell us everything!

The first draft of this story was done in 18 days.  I was homeschooled, so I’d write for 8-9 hours straight sometimes.  Since I was modeling this story from a Bible story, I knew where it was headed so I didn’t ever get “stuck.”  And no, I didn’t outline – I hate outlines, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that.  (The story NEVER goes where I think it’s going to go.)  First chance I tried to get it published, it was accepted (unheard of, right?), and then three and a half years later, the publisher backed out of the contract.  That was a long, disappointing road.  Because I was afraid the publisher had gone behind my back and was selling books behind my back (they claimed it wasn’t printed, but it was available in their online store), I decided to rewrite Chase.  I felt like a lot of the original story had been lost through all of the years of editing, and I didn’t want to try and sell my story to another publisher when it might already be out there somewhere (grumble grumble).  So I rewrote Chase in 20-some days during NaNoWriMo 2014 using Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races as a rough template to follow.  Three months-ish later, I had a hybrid deal from Koehler Books!  And my entire experience with Koehler has been wonderful.

Did writing Chase require any research? You’re already a horsewoman; how much of the book is based on personal experience?

Oodles of Chase is based on personal experience with my horse Blue.  And that’s why the book is dedicated to him.  I lost him this March to a tragic accident, and when Koehler offered me a dedication, I asked if I could print a picture with it.  They agreed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Other than that, nope, no research was done.

Editing!!! as terrifying as it’s rumored to be, or is that a big fat lie? how did you find beta readers? an editor?

*gasp* I never actually had beta readers…  Koehler Books took care of my editing AND copyediting.  My skin is very thin, and I want it to stay that way.  I need to have sensitive emotions in order to write!  But what I had to teach myself is that I AM NOT MY WRITING.  Just because the editor is saying there’s all this crap to be fixed, it doesn’t mean I suck as a person.  Actually, just the opposite.  What I’m saying has so much value that editors are working with me to make my writing the best it can be.  So yes, editing isn’t fun, but it’s a necessary evil.  I keep coming out stronger.

Let’s talk about publishing. What made you decide against the traditional approach (or did you try that first, i.e. querying agents)? What drew you to self-publishing and, specifically, this hybrid approach? 

I wanted the traditional approach – my original contract with the first publisher was traditional – but Koehler Books said “no” to that because I’m virtually a nobody without any proven sales success.  Hard truth.  However, I was told to speak up if I was interested in the Emerging Author’s Program.  I said I was.  That means Koehler Books is going to take a year and mentor me into a professional, branded author.  I feel like if I ever needed something, I could ask, and Koehler would give me a great answer.  I’ve had phone calls and emails from them.  Communication has always been great.  The chance at getting good, professional experience was worth its weight in gold to me, and that’s one of the big reasons I went hybrid.  Plus, if Chase sells a certain amount of copies within the first year, then Koehler will offer me a traditional deal for my next book.  So I’m also getting a stab at a long-term business relationship.  I’m definitely open to doing hybrid again in the future, but I also really want to be published with a big house at least once.  But at this point, the only benefit I’ll really get with that is an exponential amount of marketing.  Being with Koehler Books really allowed me to get Chase exactly the way I wanted it, and that’s something that isn’t likely to happen with a big house.  (And yes, I am still interested in getting an agent so I can get into that big house.) 

Marketing is crucial, clearly, and we’re excited to be at the front of that effort with you, celebrating your launch right here at FF. What have you got in the works?

This is crazy, but I absolutely love marketing.  An entrepreneur brain runs in my family.  There’s literally no limit on the things you can do, and the creativity I can pull into marketing gets me almost as excited as writing a first chapter.  Yes, I am a little scared, but only because I’ve never done this before!  I actually may have my first in-person and radio interview coming up soon (Chase is currently being reviewed by some marketing teams).  In-person stuff is the only thing that really got me anxious, but I love the virtual stuff.  And giveaways.  And making things for giveaways – like custom totes or T-shirts – the sky is the limit!  Koehler Books is helping me some, but not as much as my writer communities.  That’s where the real magic is happening.  The Shenandoah Valley Writers critique group has had my back like mud on a rock (too much?), and the people I met at ReWrite: The Ragged Edge 2015 have given me invaluable advice and marketing support.  Moving forward, I don’t know what to expect, but I am excited because I know this is only the beginning.

What’s next?

I actually just finished my next novel.  While in Agalrae, Lauren reads a lot of journals to learn about the history, and she reads a journal from a character named Ariel.  Ariel’s story is the one I just finished, titled “Back To You And Me,” and I didn’t think this was possible, but I may be more excited about that than I was for Chase.  Ariel is a character I have loved for years – she’s been in my head for almost ten years now!  There are lots of novels in the world of Chase – one of them is up for freebies right now on WattPad, Nephtali’s Gift – but I’m kind of writing my series backwards like Star Wars.  There’s Chase, and that actually lands toward the end of the series.  Back To You And Me is two generations before Chase, and Nephtali’s Gift is even farther before that when there weren’t people in Agalrae yet… My plan is to have a few more prequels to Chase, and then finally write a sequel or two… or three… to Chase that ties in all the characters that went around in the prequels.  It’s going to be a great time!

Who are your biggest supporters? Who inspires you?

Sniffle sniffle… The biggest supporter goes back four years ago to Chase’s first draft.  Melanie Champ – she based some of her horse training business on what she read in my first draft!  That’s an incredible honor.  Another person I’ve had fiercely behind me is Lindsey Barnes.  Sometimes I think she was more excited than me.  Then there’s Margaret Locke, Tamara Shoemaker, Foy Iver, Nora Firestone from Koehler Books (who makes phone calls without warning to tell me she’s proud of me), John Koehler (for being so patient through all my endless questions), all of the Ragged Blue Monkeys from ReWrite – gosh, there’s so many of you – and all of my friends and family… I can’t forget my critters, either.  Snowdy (the horse) and Zoe (the dachshund), for keeping me sane through the emotional twists of writing.  I feel bad I can’t name all of you wonderful people – but that would take a novel in itself.  But know that I’m so grateful for you!

Any final words for the FF community?

I love this place.  It’s awesome.  To me, it feels like a virtual coffee shop hangout.  I hope that none of you will ever be afraid to release your words, especially not because you’re afraid of your family seeing something you’ve written!  As far as supporting me, I’m always game for cross-promotion.  I do interviews, and you don’t have to be published to get one, and my few guests posts have gone well.  So, if anyone wants to trade some blog posts… *hint nudge*


Thanks so much for chatting with us, Sydney!!!! Now it’s YOUR TURN, FF community!!!! got any comments? questions? Leave them here; we’ll do a drawing Wednesday, and one of you will win a free copy of Chase!

13 thoughts on “Spotlight: Sydney Scrogham

  1. Nice to get to know you Sydney. I hope your book sees a fantastic launch. (And if it has already, hope it rises in the charts). Narnia and horse in the same breath, boy! That has got to be something! Best wishes. 😊


  2. Great interview! Man, Koehler Books seems like having a dream team backing you. Your experiences with them has definitely made me add them to my resources list. 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping by, Foy! 🙂 Koehler Books definitely feels like a dream team at this point… That’s how publishing should be. I doubt there’s any traditional deal this good when it comes to nice people and support!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woot woot! Great article! I’ll definitely second you having a brain for marketing – I’m stumbling right along with you, but watching you b/c you are savvy. Here’s hoping Chase flies right up the charts, and that Koehler picks you up and even bigger and better things come your way!


  4. This was a great interview! I’m writing my first novel, which is fantasy and romance, and I’ve learned so much just from the writing process! I agree that I love writing fantasy because it’s fun to have the control to make up your world and customs, etc. 🙂 This must be so exciting for you! Great job! Was it easier to write your second novel after you wrote your first?


    • Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to interact with another fantasy writer 🙂 Actually, I had oodles of anxiety about my second book. I was worried no matter what I did, it’d be crap, but the beta readers are telling me otherwise! (What a huge relief!)


  5. Congratulations on the release of your book! As a writer and a horse person I’ve been very intrigued with your book (and Chase especially) ever since I heard of it. I’m definitely looking forward to reading it!


    • Yippee! That makes me excited. 😀 It’s written especially for horse people. I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for others coming up in the series! I’ve got a companion novel up on WattPad called Nephtali’s Gift if the Alicorns of Agalrae call to you after “Chase.” Thanks for stopping by!


    • EMILY! You are the winner of a signed copy of “Chase.” Please contact me via the contact tab above so we can set you up! Congratulations!


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