Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

And a few words on how your week’s going would be so very marvelous!

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: Include a secret.

Great Wall of China - Mutianyu. PD photo by Ahazan.

Great Wall of China – Mutianyu. PD photo by Ahazan.

27 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. Die-nasty

    “I refuse to leave.”
    “You have no choice.”

    “Of course I do. A lifetime’s work…!”

    “Many lifetimes, yet a mere drop in the leaky bucket of time.”

    “Have I not been useful?”

    “Of course! They suspect nothing.”

    “Then why?”

    “Because you have become as one of them. ”

    “That is a lie. I AM loyal.”

    “Enough, Ming. You will have to depart right away. The final invasion has begun.
    Your wall, the Great Wall, will guide our fleet.”

    “I can…”

    “YOUR TREACHERY WILL INFLAME THEM. They despise traitors.
    Climb your wall. Your final transport awaits at the peak. ”

    100 steps (at least)

    This week, I am preparing for next weeks Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival…bright sun, dry and smoky air everywhere from forest fires up and down the coast.


  2. Walls
    (100 words)

    The blocks of Wendy’s prison walls rose high, because she only wanted to feel safe.

    When everyone she knew misunderstood her – she blocked out people.

    When people criticized her boisterous exuberance – she blocked out joy.

    When haters of her soul abused and used her – she blocked out life.

    When those she wanted to trust hurt and rejected her – she blocked out love.

    Until into her pain a gentle voice spoke, “I’m not angry with you. Please tear down the walls, I have a secret. Hell wasn’t made for people, but for the enemy of their souls.”

    The magazine with my first ever published story has arrived. And I’m gearing up for the live interview with best-selling author Davis Bunn this weekend. I’m conducting it in front of my writers group.


  3. The Great Wall of China (100 words)

    Having climbed three thousand steps of the Great Wall of China in Mutianyu, we stopped for a moment. My wife kissed me and squeezed my hand. “Darling, have you decided?”
    Descending, I put my arm around her. “No.”
    “Is this our last trip together?”
    “No, I’ll work out something.”
    Constant thoughts of my desk piled high with threatening letters of gaol for non-lodgement of taxation worried me. Gaol worried me.

    “Welcome to Cubana de Aviacion,” the flight attendant said, as we boarded the plane in Panama. “We hope you enjoy your flight to Havana Cuba.”


    • Very interesting. I want to read/know more… (and left wondering if he’s gone into hiding with no extradition, or gone to face up for his crimes) Well done!


  4. The key (100 words) @lsunil

    Minal sensed someone following her. She slowed down a bit. And the man slowed down. She suddenly turned and sat down. Surprised, the man averted his eyes. He continued climbing the stairs with a slower pace.

    Nana’s note under the pillow had mentioned that the key to the locker was hidden between the 1350th and 1355th steps. Minal had been counting the steps on her way. She was almost there. The man turned to see her seated. A few steps, turn. No Minal. Panicking he went back looking for her. Minal watched as he passed, the key safe with her.

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  5. Unreachable
    100 words

    You stood there, unreachable. The distance between us never seemed so great, and you never even tried to meet me half way.

    As I struggled, you remained aloof and uncaring. When I faltered, you offered no encouragement, no assistance. You simple stood, looking out across the sky.

    You said the way to your heart was a journey of four thousand steps, and I was willing. I didn’t know it would all be uphill.

    I’m going to go get a beer. You can join me or not. I’m tired of being the only one trying, because honestly, you’re not all that.

    * * * * * *
    IT’s been a good week, a little slow… a lot tiring but… a week. 🙂 I finished my exams, passed, directed traffic… got to actually see the fireworks I was directing traffic for… Now I want to start working on Camp Nano. Hope all are well, and I look forward to seeing you Friday!

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  6. Lovers

    The agreement was simple: he’d start at one end, she’d start at the other, they’d meet in the middle and say goodbye.

    He began in the desert; she began at the sea. They treaded the dragon-path, where the middle was the end and the end was the beginning.

    They’d shared breath until they fell unconscious, wound their hair together to braid two into one, and balanced precariously with a drawn arrow poised between them. But even trust evolves.

    Ninety days and two thousand kilometers, they walked alone.

    In the middle, they exchanged a single kiss and passed on as strangers.

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  7. China Bound
    By: Allison K. Garcia, 100 words, @ATheWriter

    “You’ve got to see the Great Wall,” Olivia exclaimed.

    “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” Mitsy raised an eyebrow. “Man-made, of course.”

    “For me, it’s the Colosseum,” sighed Penelope. “The carnage still echoed throughout the arena.”

    Claire added. “Can anything compare to the grandeur of The Great Pyramid of Kuhfu?”

    “What do you plan to visit?”

    “Oh.“ I swallowed. “All of them.”

    “I thought your dad was stationed in China?” Mitsy’s eyebrow arched higher.

    I shrugged it off. “He said he’d take me wherever I want.”

    China. Toledo. What did it matter? I’d never see these snobs again.

    I’m actually writing a bit again! Hurray!


  8. Sublimity
    100 words

    She tried it his way, the slumberous roll through yawning darkness.
    Her starlight coils crenellated into stone,
    While her dreams seeped into igneous earth to dance with his slow ardor.
    Entranced in his embrace she closed her heart against
    The agitation scurrying over her spine
    The endless need eroding her scale by scale
    Ages drew a curtain over their languorous rendezvous
    Until one day the tiny tyrannies overbore,
    Broke open her bones.
    As lunar light licked into her marrow.
    Withered wings shivered against her flanks

    As she launches back into the night, into herself,
    He considers trying it her way.


    • The wildfires all around the province have shrouded the city in smog, and with no air conditioning, keeping the windows closed is a stifling solution. This week has been a challenge. We’ve stopped the last nursing session (the one that gets her down for a nap) and as revenge, the squid has forsaken the nap. No peace for the wicked mommies withholding the “gabbas”.


    Word Count: 100

    It hurts.

    Every step I take forward is like 3 steps back, yet I keep climbing.

    You once told me it would be ok. We would last forever.

    I believed you, surrounded by your wall of lies so high I could see nothing else.

    They were truth to me.

    My elixir.

    My drug, shielding my eyes from the brutal reality.

    I was but a trophy on your arm.

    I was your prized pet.


    I had no clue.

    Love is blind right?

    I didn’t even know what love was.

    When your walls finally crumbled.

    It was too late.

    Forever trapped underneath.


  10. Hope I’m not late – had to cut this from 205 words to 100.
    @NadaNightStar – 100 words exactly

    A fresh, cheerful breeze blew, ruffling her soft shoulder-length dark hair and making the stickiness subside briefly. Eyes closed, a girl sat cross-legged on the almost never-ending ancient wall. She inhaled.
    China, where myths mixed with folktales and proverbs.
    People spoke behind her but she couldn’t make out a word.
    A foreign melody played somewhere. Images of Kung Fu-fighting men played behind her closed eyelids.
    When she opened her eyes, it was dark. No people. The music must have stopped but not in her head. She got up, and placed a folded paper in the crevices of the Great Wall.


  11. “Due North”
    Sara Tranum

    The Great Wall stood, crumbling and sad, decades of neglect taking their toll on the once magnificent structure. They passed through the holes at the base made after the last world war by those attempting to flee the carnage. Before the sickness.
    “Where exactly are we going, man?”
    “Why north?”
    “It’s too cold for them up north.”
    “Dude, how do you know that?”
    Jason paused. He turned to his companion, a scavenger who nearly overdosed and was left to die in the drug den he’d raided for supplies on his way out of town.
    “You’ll have to trust me.”

    Busy week! Got some work done on the book, exercised the imagination with the Literary Lion and am gearing up projects to follow the current manuscript. Happy trails, everyone!


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