A Monster Galaxy in Perseus Cluster. CC2.0 photo by NASA'S Marshall Space Flight Center.

A Monster Galaxy in Perseus Cluster. CC2.0 photo by NASA’S Marshall Space Flight Center.

by Rebekah Postupak

“Big Brother, how long have I been here?”

“Sixty-five years, Little One.”

“It’s dark now.”


“Because the batteries ran out?”


“Big Brother, are you afraid?”

“No, Little One. What is there to fear?”

“Nothing, I guess. Still, I wish—”

“What, Little One?”

“I wish I could see another human one last time.”

“It cannot be, Little One.”

“Was the Earth so very, very bad, Big Brother?”

“Yes; that’s why they built this place for you.”

“I’m the last.”


“So what’s left for me, then, since rescuers never came and the batteries are all used up?”

“Only sleep, Little One”—SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE INITIATED—said Big Brother.


109 words, written for the weekly Microbookends contest, within the 90-110 word count limit, drawing inspiration from the provided photo and beginning/ending with the words Big/Brother as required. Microbookends runs on Thursdays and is hosted by FF’s David Borrowdale. Great fun: join us this week?


5 thoughts on “Memento

  1. That name seems familiar I thought, then I recalled, you wrote that story for Janet Reid’s competition. You must be very prolific because you were top of list on the -flash fiction- tag.

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