Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, if you please.

And a few words on how your week’s going would be marvelous!

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: Include a character who is risking something priceless.

"Roulette--Carnival victory." CC2.0 photo by Derek Diaz.

“Roulette–Carnival victory.” CC2.0 photo by Derek Diaz.


88 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. In that split second, the bauble bounced, a stone skipping on a sea of blood.
    Dottie recoiled, suddenly uncertain what she’d gotten herself into.
    We’d hooked up in Hong Kong.
    “Sure, baby,” she’d moaned, “Macau, all the way.”
    I lost heavily. My fingers felt only lint and a few souvenir coins in my pockets.
    Stupidly, I had not reserved my winnings.
    The Dragon Beast said, “Keep playing. She’s a small price to pay.”
    I said, “She’s just a plaything.”
    “You play, she pays, loser man.”
    The bauble bounced one last capricious time.
    Dottie screamed. “No!”
    And then she was gone.

    100 words on the nose

    a deep rain last night; meetings tomorrow, travel to a neighbour island. borrowed “split second” and “dottie” from a great Dick Powell directed film, Split Second. Also, taking a film noir on line course. That’s the week in a nutshell.

  2. 006
    (100 words)

    If it land on black, I lose my life. If it lands on red I have to spill the darkest secrets of her majesty’s secret service. I can’t say that either is a winning proposition, but such is the life a spy.

    However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that they don’t know about.

    The high powered laser hidden in my watch. The knife blade concealed in the toe of my shoe. It’s enough to get me out of a tricky situation.

    All that big Korean oaf has is a bowler hat. He’ll regret tangling with agent 006.

    So far my week is going good. The weather is awesome and I’m looking forward to getting out and going fishing with my son this weekend. No complaints other than I wish Friday was payday!! Could always use a few more of them!

  3. Crazy young ones
    “Do you love me?”
    “Do you love me? Yes or no?”
    “It’s complicated.”
    “Do you love me?” he insisted, getting closer to the edge. I could see the waves crashing on the rocks far below.
    “I don’t know.”
    “Do you love me?”
    He jumped!
    I went still. Numb with fear.
    “I love you!” I screamed into the wind.
    I didn’t have the courage to go to the edge and look. What if he lay splattered on the rocks?
    I just sat there crying.
    “I knew it! You love me,” he stood there, all wet, holding his stomach, laughing.

    It’s been a crazy week. My net has been going crazy. Difficult to post stuff. I’m hoping this does get posted. Not having many positive thoughts right now.

  4. Story Roulette:
    100 words

    The story revolves around me, like a dragon chasing its tail. I know there’s a story in there somewhere if I think about it enough.

    I watch as the wheel spins, wondering where it will end. Is it a story of triumph, or defeat? Does the hero win the day or learn an abject lesson that somehow makes him a a better man?

    I take a sip of my drink and prepare to leave as the spinning slows. I have my ending, yet I sit and take one more spin.

    Round and Round I go, where I stop, nobody knows.

  5. Do or Die (100 words)

    No noisy beeps from slots in this room. Rarefied air here, only low voices and ice clinking in crystal glasses.

    I gulp my scotch like it’s in a plastic cup. Think about leaving.

    “Will you place a bet, sir?” The dealer in the sequined red vest smiles. Everyone else, black-tied and ball-gowned, waits for my answer.

    I slide the stack of chips onto black 13. Bad luck and I are old pals.

    If I win, pay off the debt, beg Delia to forgive me. If I lose . . .

    The ball bounces. The wheel slows.

    “Rien ne va plus.”

    This is my first time to post here–so glad I found this site. I’m taking time out from a busy work week to have some fun in exactly 100 words. @2notch

  6. Should’ve

    Your dried up words lie scattered from the breeze of your disinterest where once you left me flowers.

    I sit and watch the cawing crows picking apart a discarded wrapper. They take what they need, every last crumb, until nothing is left.

    I should have played it safe. Walked away.

    The memory of your kiss echoes around my hollowed out heart, whilst that of your touch whispers only betrayal.

    Loneliness is my only companion now and she laughs at the fool I have become.

    So strong was my love for you I lost the most precious thing I had. Me.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. I should’ve *get it?!?* been doing my coursework but instead I’m sitting in the sunshine writing little stories and poems…whoops! Looking forward to popping back later to read through everyone’s tales. Thanks for hosting lovely dragon lady – mwah! x


    Bob and June were at the Bellagio poker table surrounded by onlookers.

    “Hit me.” Bob said as June held her breath and squeezed his arm. He bent the corner of the card and peeked. Rivulets of sweat ran down his forehead. June began to cry.

    Across the table another couple beamed. The elated woman rubbed her husband’s shoulders. “Royal flush,” the man said, carefully spreading his winning hand on the table.

    Bob circled the table and handed the man his room keys. “Remember, Debbie needs her insulin shots everyday at noon and John has a soccer game on Saturday.”

    Family visiting next week. Renting bikes, flying kites on the beach and the obligatory whale watch. Ahh, another summer on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

  8. @AvLaidlaw. Doing a bit programming.


    He says he won’t gamble with money. This is a game for desperate people only, and the stake is my most precious possession.

    I see it from the moment the ball leaves the croupier’s hand and rolls around the edge of the roulette wheel. I see exactly how the ball will whip around and fall into the pocket of eighteen. I push the chips onto eighteen. And the ball lands on eighteen. I win. He pushes the winnings towards me. We play again and I win, again and again.

    I see the future.

    He smiles.

    I see how I die.

  9. Ooops!
    (100 words)

    Slew Foot cackled with glee. He’d spun the wheel of life for the pretender to his kingdom, hoping for the choice it had landed on.

    Slew Foot cowered in fear. He was finished. The pretender entered his castle, freed the captives, and rose again.

    A minion hurried up, pointing to some words on a page, “Had they known it, they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of Glory.”

    Slew Foot realized the ball should have landed on black for “Live,” rather than red for “Die.” That way he wouldn’t have lost the souls of men for all eternity.

    (1 Corinthians 2:8)

    I’m having a wonderful week of liquid sunshine in Florida. The author confirmed he’d speak at my writers group and the editor-in-chief of a flash fiction magazine approved the article I wrote about it for posting to my news journal blog.

  10. Pride, Before the Fall

    “Why would you ask Dr. Hau to design your new safe?”

    Her glare withered him. He didn’t dare answer.

    “You commission the man you beat out for the Newzberger Trophy to build a safe to hold it. Didn’t you think he would be insulted?”

    It had been a subtle way to gloat. Design a combination lock, disguised as some other object, to hold the trophy which had proved who the most brilliant engineer was.

    “You handed him revenge on a silver platter.”

    “I won the trophy,” he squeaked out.

    “But now you can’t figure out how to get it out.”

    Lovely day, exhausting week. Have a story coming out in Splickety soon, and one more to another source waiting for decision. Had a story rejected this week that I was actually glad it was rejected. After I sent it off I decided it would be better as a series or maybe even a short YA novel. But currently the workload at the job that actually pays, is hindering doing more writing.

  11. A Wager on Genius

    There was a pause while David took a bite. I tried to focus on my notes rather than on the mustard beacon calling ships to his chin.
    I’d had bad timing. But I needed an “A” and was gambling on this meeting.
    “Really,” he said mid-chew, “writing fiction is like playing roulette. The ball bounces from place to place. Sometimes you get a great pocket. Sometimes, not.”
    “Okay, then what do you do?”
    “You write.” He winked.
    “And, then what?”
    “You write!” He wiped his chin and gestured for us to leave.
    Not sure if I just won or lost…

    Week’s going pretty well. The students are enjoying the Reader’s Theatre/Lit Circles we’re doing. AND I’ve been able to do some read alouds, which I adore because I get to pretend I’m acting again. 🙂

    • Love this take on a teacher’s arbitrary attitude towards the students predicament. It hit close to home for me. I had a college professor who gave me a “B” in his class because he wanted to spoil my GPA. I challenged his decision, he recanted, and I graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0.

      Glad your week is going well.

  12. The Gamble

    The Dragons roulette sits in the corner of the smoky room. Only the most desperate visit it.

    Bill wiped the dust off the seat before sitting. The croupier stayed in the shadows, his bony fingers caressing the skull white ball. Bill placed the photograph on his chosen number. There was a hint of a smile in the darkness. The voice was thin and scratchy, “Your daughter?”

    Bill nodded.

    “You understand the price of losing?”
    “I’ll risk eternal dragon fire to save her.”

    The ball clattered around the wheel. As it came to a rest Bill stared at it in disbelief…


    Nothing too exciting this week, I have had a few days off work so I’m less stressed than usual! 🙂

  13. Emily Clayton

    Drunk and Disorderly

    “Which one do you want?”

    I stare at the poster, images blurring. Brock’s voice grates like lemon zest on a spinach quiche dinner. It just feels wrong.

    “Shut up!” So ornery when he’s drunk. If only we hadn’t had those extra Manhattans at the Lucky Lounge Casino next door.

    I choose the elegant red dragon tattoo. The pain barely registers, and we stumble to our hotel.

    Next morning, I head for the bathroom. A classic hangover, until I pass out and wake up in the hospital.

    The doctor glances at my fresh, oozing tattoo. “Congratulations, Lydia. You’re due in December.”

  14. The Pair In the Shadows (100!)

    “Two dragons. Like from my dream,” Ella whispered as they approached.
    Whether he ignored or didn’t hear her, Johan strode forward, his large hand tightening around hers. “Here,” he declared, settling at the table.
    He tapped swiftly at the keyboard; the roulette wheel screensaver dissolved to reveal a screen full of code. Each keystroke reverberated around the dark office and echoed into the hallway.
    “Johan, something’s not right.”
    “Shh, just a second more,” he replied without looking back.
    A soft click sounded in the shadows. Ella’s eyes darted that way.
    “Almost got it…”
    From the black, the pair descended.

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