Flash Dash Winner!

Saturday marked our second super-fast “Flash Dash” contest, in which y’all were given a scant thirty minutes to craft an entire story. You all pulled it off in magnificent form, of course, as clearly you know no other way. It was such fun, too, watching the stories tumble in, bruised and breathless and laughing hysterically. Hats off to all those who dared give the insanity a go. So many wonderful, hilarious, tragic, creepy, original tales. Thank you!

THE WINNER of $25 and a Flash! Friday logo coffee mug is:


for “Bang a Gong (Get It On)

Despite the (cruelly) abbreviated submission window, Foy pulled off a story with sophisticated structure and layering, character development, worldbuilding, and plot, to boot. Check out the (annoying!!!) refrain, Bonnnng, driving even readers to madness (cf today’s Google doodle!) and thereby connecting them even more deeply to the story. This piece is rich with life — you can almost feel the reverberations undulating through his body! — and creativity as it follows the rising determination of a “little snot” (as Amberlee Dawn so aptly described him) to march to the beat of his own drummer, as it were. So wonderfully done, from the bonnnnng opening to the bonnnnng finish, and a highly deserving winner

And here’s the winning tale:


Bang a Gong (Get It On)

He shouldn’t have sounded the gong.
Which is why he did it. He liked the way it reverberated up his arms…
Through his shoulder bones…
Out his ears…
But he loved the way it drove everyone twitching mad. And they couldn’t say a thing about it other than, “Would his majesty like a scone?”
“The weather is lovely, do you fancy a stroll?”
“I heard the southern kingdoms are revolting, shall we go investigate?”
“Does his majesty’s arm hurt? Maybe he’d like to rest it?”
His arm did hurt a great deal, he already knew the southern kingdoms were revolting (all the kingdoms disgusted him, in fact), he never fancied a stroll, and yes, of course he wanted a scone since they mentioned it.
He loved banging the gong best when it made the least sense. His mother would say, “Really, darling, do you have to at the dinner table?”
His father was even more direct, “If you sound it during the peace negotiations, the southern kingdoms will surely see it as a declaration of war.”
But he didn’t care a fig for all their complaints. They’d let the princess practice her violin uninhibited for years and all she ever did was marry the eastern kingdom’s prince and unite the four realms. He, on the other hand, had great aspirations. One day he’d be in a band. Thomas the Rex he’d call it (since by then his majesty majesty would be dead and Thomas would inherit the kingdoms). T. Rex for short. Just thinking about it made him want to get it on.


6 thoughts on “Flash Dash Winner!

  1. That was a phenomenal piece of writing in such a tight time constraint, Foy. I’m beginning to suspect that you enter these flash contests simply as a warm up exercise for your “proper” work…
    [ Any plans to set up your own flash fiction contest, so we poor hack writers can have a fairer crack of the whip? 🙂 ]


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