Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, if you please.

And a few words on how your week’s going would be nice.

 This week’s challenge: give your protagonist a phobia.

Jeff Rowley Jaws Peahi 31 December 2012 Paddle In Surfing. CC2.0 photo by Jeff Rowley.

Jeff Rowley Jaws Peahi 31 December 2012 Paddle In Surfing. CC2.0 photo by Jeff Rowley.


41 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. The Loathing (100 words)

    Oh, how I loathe them. Swimming around, they remind me of wretched creatures crawling over a carcass. I cringe and want to scream as their fins scrape me. When they touch me with their limbs, I want to run away, but there’s nowhere to go.

    Sometimes they go away, but they always come back. They wait for me. I can feel them and hear them as they come closer. Slowly but surely, they’re driving me crazy. I swat at them, crush them beneath my crest, but they still come.

    Damn, I hate those surfers, but what’s an ocean to do.

    How’s my week going, so far pretty good. All the snow is gone and it feels pretty spring-like around my neck of the woods. And starting Monday I.m on vacation for a couple weeks, so yeah, no complaints.


  2. Friendly Food (100 words)

    We all are afraid of sharks. Once a month there would be warning signs posted on the beach after some eagle eyed lifeguard spotted a jet-black dorsal fin slicing through the rolling surf. I saw the great fish on my third run. It was twice as long as my surf board and it followed me like a submarine as I rode the inside of the wave’s curl. Instead of dropping in and paddling back out I shot all the way to the beach. “Surf’s Up!” I yelled to the others, hoping to delete some of the competition.
    The “big thaw” has arrived here on the tip of Cape Cod. Beach time is still months away, but given all the Great White shark sightings last year (Google it) I will be there only to walk the dog and fly a kite.


  3. Your Salty Tears (100 words)

    I glide through the waves of the deep swirling sea,
    Through white horses bucking, white lace clothes me.

    This ocean’s salt water is my element,
    For I cannot leave is my one true lament.

    Deserts of sunshine, green forests and mountains of blue
    These impossible myths have been sung for me by the likes of you,

    I sit sentinel, here on my rock in the green tide pool,
    And I weave my song of ages for any listening fool.

    If the sea were to drain away one day my dear,
    Would you cry me a river of your salty tears?

    My week so far: blanking on a writing project, still under-the-weather with a virus, looking forward with fingers crossed for clear skies to see the eclipse on Friday………….


    • Oh I’m envious!!!! Will be following Friday’s eclipse too…. but from online. Please keep us updated! Sounds like it’s going to be magnificent.


    • Nice poem; I particularly like the idea of sitting ‘sentinel’ on a rock. Hope you get better soon – I’m hoping to see the eclipse on Friday as well, will be in school but I daresay there’ll be some sort of ‘managed'(!!) viewing. Currently jealous of those in the north of the country who were able to see the Northern Lights last night.


  4. Foy S. Iver
    WC: 100

    Pining for the Moon

    My love is ever-changing.
    One night fat in her autumnal fleece
    the next night
    slim in her silver chiffon.
    she lets me chase her
    thrusting my liquid fingers to the stars
    only to fall to the earth
    with nothing.
    How she tempts me
    her shadow dancing golden across my waves!
    My chest swells
    with colors, ash and indigo.
    I must make her see my magnificent strength.
    I crush vessels, wooden and steel,
    who dare omit her homage.
    She smiles
    at my offerings
    turns away
    and my deep blue soul
    dreads every glimpse of her brilliant face
    is the last.

    Yesterday the sun was dancing warm across the clouds. Today those clouds have scattered and somehow it’s colder. Come back please, Warmth!


  5. Three Wishes

    100 Words

    I wish I could wash away the fears
    That crash through me
    In a tidal wave of terror
    Every time I open the door.

    I wish I could cross the threshold
    Into your kaleidoscope world
    But that step is an ocean
    I can never swim.

    I wish I could ride
    The crest of life
    Taking fast the hand
    That – still – you hold out to me.

    Instead, I find my yearning
    Remains unfulfilled
    And I am left, liquefying,
    Blood turning to water,
    In an abyss of isolation,
    Confined forever behind walls
    That are both my saviour
    And my curse.


  6. What doesn’t kill us makes us faster…

    100 words – Mark Morris

    The sea mounded up beneath him, his board beginning to buck like a skittish colt. Taylor glanced quickly left, seeing the waves curling higher, his anxiety speeding his reactions into turbo-mode.

    Maybe this wasn’t going well for him.

    Leaning into the wave, he held the board’s nose down, easing back on the deck when foam began to swamp around his ankles. His ride was getting rougher now too, his knees struggling to absorb the ruttings he was carving his way through.

    And then he shifted into a heightened awareness, his phobia finally working for him. Thalassophobia; simultaneous thrills AND fear.

    (This week’s going well despite my earlier expectations. Maybe I’m going to come out on top this time? 😉 )


  7. One day last summer…

    @geofflepard 100 words

    They laugh at me peering through meshed fingers as he crests the next wave. Every twist and twitch brings him closer to the shallows. If I don’t breathe soon, I’ll self-asphyxiate; I can imagine the coroner ‘How did Mark die?’ ‘He held his breath to death’.
    They all think I’m worried he’ll hurt himself. Prats. If only the cocky meathead would fall off, head-butt the sand, eat grit. But oh no, that would be too easy.
    Any moment now he’ll cruise to the shore, jump off and… ‘Time for that ice cream, Mark’.
    Bastard. He knows I loathe ice cream.
    Meah week, recovering from an operation. Not even allowed to walk the dog. Still at least the laptop’s not been banned!


  8. Gulls Eye

    It’s amazing out here on the water, I love it more than anything. That feeling of freedom as the spray catches the sunlight. Pure bliss.

    Unfortunately there’s one small problem. The bloody seagulls. They hover above me, waiting to strike. For a while I tried to avoid them, but they’re drawn to me, as if they recognize the five year old they mugged for chips. The doctor says I have Laridaphobia.

    I have my secret weapon though. The small basket floats several feet behind my board, carrying my home-made chips. Just the slightest dash of vinegar and cyanide. Tuck in.

    It’s been a pretty rough week, i have been staring at the worlds longest spreadsheet for what feels like days. I’m concerned I am going to see pivot tables in my nightmares tonight! Thanks for providing some measure of release 🙂


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