Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun.
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, if you like. And a few words on how your week’s going would be nice.

This week’s challenge: Include a superhero.

Thor. CC2.0 photo by Parkour Foundation.

Thor. CC2.0 photo by Parkour Foundation.

203 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. by Tamzine Johnston, tamzinwhite.wordpress.com


    A daily routine sucks! I thought it would come naturally, but no. It seems I must climb. An ant bit me. A bit like Spidy but I don’t see him having to stick to a regime so all demanding.

    I don’t sleep, very little anyway. There’s no time. This morning a guy stands by and stares up. What’s he want?

    “Morning,” I can’t look down, I have vertigo.

    I turn and he’s gone. An alarm goes off. The Bank. It’s Fourth Street.

    I pounce, just as doors burst open. Landing on him, I wink, “Thought I was busy did you?”

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  2. I Am Death, Too — The Unauthorized Sequel

    She came to the end of the alley. Dead-end. How ironic.

    Teary-eyed, she banged against the window glass. “Please help!” she screamed. “Death tried to give me his business card!” But the staff at the Daily Planet saw her, red-eyed in her ex-boyfriend’s wrinkled clothes, and took her for just another drug-addled tramp.

    The figure approached her once more. “I am death,” he repeated.

    She fell to her knees, sobbing. “I want to live.” Quietly, she folded her hands before her. “I’ve never asked you for anything, but if you’re listening, please save me, Superman.”


  3. Anti-climaxed

    For flip sake this hanging around is a pain in the ass, didn’t even get my clothes of this time. Wish I was bloody spider-man or batman or somebody that would make this scaling the building bit easier. This is how I make my living making lonely housewives and girlfriends happy, when your man is not doing his job I am.

    No payment coming my way today as I hear my client moaning in ecstasy. I should be paid danger money, or at least be compensated for this anti-climax, so to speak. Nearly down, no don’t open the window, aaaargh.

    #sorry it’s no good


  4. Tamara Shoemaker
    Word Count: 100 on the nose

    Mirror, mirror,
    What do you see?
    Scars and pockets,
    When looking at me?
    A twisted nose that’s broken twice
    Sagging jawline, eyes of ice?
    Lips that hide a chipped, black tooth—
    One dark loner in a beer-stained booth—
    Freckles that dot a sun-burned face,
    Flesh and flab and sweat and trace,
    Feeble or fat, heavy or thin,
    You think you know what lies within.
    Your smooth face reflects with glee
    Every foible that you see.
    All you show is lines of dust,
    Black, dark windows covered with rust.
    No one sees, not even you,
    The superhero that hides from view.

    This week: I finished the first book of my second fantasy trilogy and sent it off to test-readers, and now I’m still living off the adrenaline of such an event. Can’t wait to see the book on the market!


  5. Katie Morford
    100 words

    Playing superhero seemed easier when I was 5. I look down. First mistake. My sweaty fingers slide on grit, threatening to spatter me on the sidewalk like the egg congealing in my frying pan.

    “Okay, honey?”

    My girlfriend’s worried voice resembles Minnie Mouse. I wiggle the stuck window latch again. Fail.

    “Push harder!”

    That’s her brother. Why isn’t he clinging to a building like a chubby orangutan? Because I’m the boyfriend playing Spiderman. I summon my manly indignation and the catch springs free.

    I grin down, sweat dripping off my nose, and she beams. “I knew you could do it.”


  6. Paycheck

    “Metropolis Sewage.”

    “That’s not bad. Doesn’t your guy fly?”

    “Sure. But his arch-nemesis dug out a whole mega-mansion beneath the city.”

    “Oh. Bummer.”

    “Yeah. Took us like five thousand tons of dirt from across the tri-state region to build it back up again. When it rains, sometimes green sludge still oozes out the manholes.”

    “That stinks.”

    “Yeah, literally. Ever smell moldy kryptonite? I’d rather bathe in skunk juice.”


    “Seriously. Found a diamond necklace, once, though, which was cool.”


    “So, I clearly win, right?”


    “Aw, c’mon. How bad can your job be?”

    “Guano collector.”



    “Never mind.”

    @postupak, 100 fully authorized words

    I’m working on a 2,000 word story today–a bit freakish for me as I’m so accustomed to flash. What does one DO with all those extra words?! 500 words of story, 1500 words of scenery???


  7. Caught in the Act

    “What precisely are you doing up there?”
    Aaron froze. Of course the headmistress had caught him, she had some sort of sixth sense regarding misbehaving students, but he had hoped to make it a little higher before she arrived. Below him, Nick was wearing his best innocent bystander impression, despite the fact that this whole plan had been his idea. Above him, Jamie had vanished from sight. And he was left grasping for a sensible reason why he was currently clinging to Mr Nicholson’s window. With a sigh he began his descent.
    “Would you believe I was sleepwalking?” He improvised.

    (I haven’t written fiction in a long time, so hope this isn’t too awful.)


  8. ‘You think you are special? I was leaping tall buildings before you were even born’ Kent shouts.

    Silence from above as the city grinds and wheels its way through the day.

    ‘I SAID, think you are special?’

    The figure turns ‘You can see me?’

    ‘Of course I can see you – you, you WANNABE!’

    High above the figure turns further, squints down into the canyon of the street below, sees the irate Kent clearly looking at him. Mutters ‘Oh no’ as he inches higher.

    ‘My cloak of invisibility must have’ breathes heavily, reaches higher, misses his footing, grabs too late.


    Twitter: @feclarkart
    Blog: http://www.feclarkart.com/blog


  9. He’s not a superhero, he’s a very naught boy

    He is a pain in the posterior. No, really. He says he’s a superhero but he’s a deaf wassock. Ok he has the T shirt and the tights and he’s in the papers, not that I believe that guff. The pictures? Photoshopped probably. I heard his cape is sponsored.
    Every time I say, ‘I’m here to clean the windows’ he just picks me up and puts me on the pavement with a breezy ‘You’re safe now, sir.’
    ‘What about my kit?’
    But he’s gone, saving some kiddy. Once again I’m left to play at being Spider-Man.
    A total prannock.
    100 words, give or take none
    This week it’s the final edit of second book before it goes to the real editor to scour for typos, nonsense etc.


  10. Commitment Issues
    by Alissa Leonard
    100 words (It started at 228…that was brutal.)

    “Sasha! I’m not finished –”
    “I can’t have this conversation, Cade.”
    “You can’t climb a building every time I bring it up.”
    “I can.”
    “I could snap a picture right now – sell it to the newspapers.”
    “Empty threat.”
    True. “Fine. Then I’m coming after you this time.”
    “Get back in the room! You’ll kill yourself!”
    “No. I have something to say, and you’re going to listen.”
    “We’re not having this conversation.”
    “Yes we are!”
    He smiles. “I love you.”
    “You almost killed yourself.”
    “You could’ve let me fall.”
    “No. I couldn’t.”
    She grimaces. “….I love you too.”

    This week: Juggling ALL THE STORIES!!! I’m working on my third edit of my YA fantasy novel, making planning breakthroughs on my MG fantasy novel, editing a first chapter to send to a free professional edit that I won, and working on an application for a grant. 🙂


    • LOVE that last line!!!!! love and a grimace. HAHAHAHAHA! so great.

      and WOW, what a huge writerly week you’ve got. Congrats on the edit win, and huge best wishes on the grant!


      • Thanks!!! I had fun with the last line. It took a while to get there though. The grimace wasn’t in the original…but it should’ve been!

        And hopefully I’ll make progress on the writerly stuff. I set my gaze high…and get to much less than I want. 🙂


      • But it’s the whole, aim at the ground and you’ll hit it every time, right?? LOL Love that you’re aiming so high. Can’t wait for you to have that grant acceptance letter in your hands.


  11. Untitled. The picture and challenge remind me of my daughter, whose story I’ve tried to write before only to discover I can’t find the right words. Today’s prompt helped me find words I like, even if they aren’t perfect. 🙂

    99 words

    Look at her. She’s just a little girl, a spray of freckles across her button nose and round cheeks. She flits across the grass. Her laughter fills the air. She is lovely and joyful in the way of all children.

    But look closer. She walks on knives, and her knees shriek in protest as she moves. The small hands tossing that ball burn with constant aching. Unrelenting pain is her constant companion and nemesis.

    And yet, she smiles. Every day she scales cliffs, defying her disease to embrace life. Nothing holds her back. She’s small, but she’s a superhero.


  12. In A Lather.

    That’s the trouble with multidimensional universes. You walk through one door and – kabam! – you’re hanging by your fingertips from a one-way mirror with a forest of green nails way below… perspective’s all wrong too. And worse, I ain’t dressed for this; left my briefs and cloak washing in the laundrette the other side of this glass. No way can I fly from this.
    I should have guessed it was a trap; should never have walked out for a dime for the drier.
    My beat-‘em-up powers are in a spin and I am defenceless against my old adversary, Supersuds.


  13. Free Running Commentary

    “…once again Peter Jenkins’ position as ‘New York Free Runner of the Year’ proves unassailable as he finishes his phenomenal display with a 150 meter vertical climb up the marble face of the Daily Bugle Building. Small wonder that this guy’s adoring fans have nicknamed him “Peter Parkour”! How does he manage to maintain his grip on such a sheer…”

    The TV commentator’s paean of praise, playing in his head, is cut short by a reverberating tirade.

    “Jenkins-ins-ins! This is your last warning-ing-ing. Quit playing Spider-Man-an-an! Pick up those recycled windows-ows-ows and stack ’em against the loading bay wall-all-all. NOW-OW-OW!!”


  14. #LikeAGirl – 100 words
    Margaret Locke (@Margaret_Locke or margaretlocke.com)

    He’d always wanted to be a superhero.

    At four, he’d worn his Batman mask for days, sheet tied around his neck. At eight, he’d pretended if he ran fast enough, he could beat The Flash. At fourteen, he’d longed to transform into The Hulk, just to show all those jackasses at school.

    At thirty, he’d sat in the hospital room, holding his wife’s hand, smoothing her brow, encouraging her to breathe, and push. Breathe, and push.

    When the first wails of his daughter echoed around that chamber and straight into his heart, he knew at last what true heroism was.


  15. The Reluctant Hero

    Ryan’s heart skipped a beat when he lost his footing for a second. He didn’t want to be hanging off the side of the side of the building, but there was no other choice. Somebody had to be a hero.

    He’d been eating dinner when he heard the crash and saw the rubble fall past his window. When it was safe, he poked his head out the window and looked up.

    Ryan sighed when he saw legs protruding from the side of his building

    “Dammit Superman,” he yelled. “You really need to be wearing your glasses when you’re flying around!”


  16. 100 words (duh)

    “You’re gonna fall.”

    “There’s not enough of a handhold. You can’t do that.”

    “Are you crazy? That will never work.”

    “What are you doing that for?”

    “Who do you think you are, Spider-Man?”

    “You’re gonna fall.”

    You’re right. I’m gonna fall. Lots of times. I’m gonna fall, and then I’m gonna get up. And then I’m gonna fall again.

    I will probably hurt myself, more than once. I might have to take a break sometimes. Clear my head. Heal up.

    But then I will be back.

    And you will be standing there, spitting useless words. While I leave you behind.


  17. Defender

    Yeah, like the Superman is going to save me. I must protect my family.
    There was that ominous knock on the door, but I don’t get paid till next week. Taking stairs is out of the question, so I climb this thin pipe secured to the building by flimsy clamps. I can hear the baby wailing in his crib. Maggie looks at me with hope-filled eyes. “Quick, make it to the roof! The fire-ladder should be there.” I must evade the usurer’s flaming words and ember in his eyes.
    He won’t hurt the baby or a woman. I must believe.

    100 words

    This week, I am trying to finish a poem and work on my web site.


  18. The Great Escape

    Tightly gripping the drain pipe, James looked around for a way out. The only option was to pull a Spiderman, climbing to the roof to escape. It was risky, but one thing was certain.

    He was far safer out here than in there.

    He had barely escaped the inferno raging inside the apartment. Heat had seared his ears as he dashed through the apartment, trying to find a way out. But there was none, except the window.

    Climbing higher, James thought to himself; “next time, I have to remember to put the seat down when I’m finished in the bathroom.”

    I’m not sure if there’s a limit to two stories as with Fridays. I apologize if we are only supposed to post one story for warm-up Wednesdays.

    How’s my week? It’s ok, nothing great, nothing terrible, just looking forward to Friday because it’s payday and a long weekend. (Although I did score a bunch of goals at ball hockey last night, so I do feel kind of “superheroish,” LOL) Hopefully I’ll get ahead on some other writing projects I’m working on and have some fun this weekend.


  19. Nimbly, like only a shape-shifter could, she scrambled up the side of the building. Fingers grabbed at red-cream stone, feet kicking, climbing towards highest window. Sand-filled wind clutched-grabbed at her russet clothes. The only way she could reach the Khalne faster, would be to fly. But people tend to watch the sky when there is talk of dragons. As soon as there is a new enemy to fear, people seem to forget they feared others who are different as well. She opened the window and slipped inside. To the one inside she handed the knife that could spill dragon blood.  

    Though not exactly superheroes, there are shape-shifters in my one WIP, called the Tellerassar. The week has not been as productive as I would like, but included writing an article about power cuts for a client by candlelight during loadshedding! We were not amused. I’m also making some progress with the WIP I started during Nanowrimo last year and, of course, getting ready for Friday’s writing prompt…   

    @CarinMarais http://www.hersenskim.blogspot.com


  20. Game Over

    “This is awesome, dude!”

    I could hear Michael’s voice in my headset.

    “This virtual reality is… so real. Genius! I’m Spiderman!”

    Yes you are.

    I flicked the switch to mute the microphone.

    “How long will the hypnosis last?” I asked Peter. He seemed pleased with his accomplishment, and the wad of bills in his back pocket. If this works, it will be worth every penny.

    “Until you say the key phrase: ‘Game Over.’”

    I nodded and watched the man who just got away with raping my best friend’s girl scale higher and higher.

    The twentieth floor should do the trick.


  21. O, Victory; The Roof

    Victory is like a wall. Once you reach the top you’ve made it and no one can stop you.

    Unless they push you over the edge. Then you’d die. That’s what defeat is like – remember that, Wall Boy. Write it down. “Defeat is like being pushed off a roof.”

    What do you mean, what’s my point?

    As my sidekick you’re going to do a lot of climbing. No, not metaphorically. I conduct most of my fighting on rooftops. “Rooftop Woman” wouldn’t be a good name, otherwise.

    One last piece of advice before we start:

    Don’t let anyone push you off.


    My blog is the Holly Geely link you see there next to my pretty holly-berry-face. As for my week – so far it’s splendid. I’ve been trying to write a (really rough) short story a day and so far I’m 3 for 3 (thanks to this little drabble).


    • What a fun and challenging goal!!! What made you decide to write a story a day? Is it indefinitely, or for a set period of time?


    • Like it. Feeling a bit inadequate at present as everyone seems to be achieving all their ‘writerly’ goals; family, work and exhaustion seriously affecting what little time I have 😦


      • Sometimes life gets in the way, there’s no help for it. Batteries need charging and all that. I’ve been meeting my goal, sure, but I also truly believe that there’s no harm in taking a break…I don’t like doing it if it isn’t fun.


      • Oh, dear Steph, join the club!!! I love flash and am writing that fairly regularly, but my novel’s a DISASTER, and I’m frustrated about it every single day. So for now I’m just trying to do a little writerly bit a day, no matter what it is. The journey of a thousand miles and all that…. Anyway, you are definitely NOT alone. Rest your heart. The writing will come.


        • That’s partly what I’m using the flash comps for, it makes me feel I’m keeping my hand in whilst juggling everything else – and I do see a bit of light. I work in a school and it’s half-term soon so that’ll give me a week to do something a bit longer. 🙂


  22. Eternal

    100 words
    @ el_Stevie

    No windows open on my twin-souled self
    As I climb to the surface, peer out at a world
    That cannot see behind my mask.
    My strength lies in what I hide,
    Pride impounded in a metal shell,
    An Iron Man, unyielding force at war
    With gathering hordes who crawl
    Across an innocent landscape
    Forever fighting that old fight
    First found in Eden.
    A creeping darkness, seeping
    Into hearts and minds,
    Finding its foothold in weakness,
    Its followers in ignorance,
    Its sustenance in greed.
    And a breeding enemy against which
    I seek to redress the balance
    Is reborn a million times.

    Haven’t concentrated much on writing poetry in recent times which was how I got into writing in the first place so thought I’d give it a go. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed playing with words and ideas in this format. 🙂


  23. The Bet

    “Are you sure about this Bruce?”
    “Yeah, do it like Spiderman would.”

    Robin shook his head and started climbing to the rooftop. Swear rolled off his forehead and splattered on the pavement far below.

    “Is this really necessary?”

    As Robin inched his way up the drain pipe, he muttered under his breath. He lost it for a second when his foot slipped and he dangled off the pipe.

    “You know, this is why we use grappling hooks!”
    “You lost the bet, no grappling hooks allowed!”

    Laughter echoed through the city streets.
    Batman could be such an asshole at times.


  24. Superhero Blues
    100 words on da nose

    You think you’ve got a rough life? Let me tell you…

    I fight crime. I’m good at it. Phenomenal, if I do say so myself. It’s a gift from something mysterious…I’d tell you more, but I’d compromise my secret identity. You understand, don’t you?

    Sooooo – I’m scaling this wall.

    Why? Do you ask the chicken why he crosses the road?

    So, up this wall I go…and out of nowhere, this kid comes slinging a hard rubber ball. Smack! Hits me right in the small of the back.

    My chiropractor isn’t covered by insurance. It’s no joy havin’ the Superhero blues.


  25. Buzz off

    I hate that spider man. He get’s all the press and the girls, but no-one ever talks about how he’s always stalking me, doing his best to string me up and eat me. Even now all the kids are pointing up at the building and taking his photo. They think he’s climbing up here to help a damsel in distress, but he’s not, it’s because he found out this is where I’ve been hiding. I’m not hurting anyone, all I’ve ever asked for is a big pile of warm dung to call my own. It’s not easy being Fly Guy!

    We just moved house so every night involves some kind of treasure hunt to find essential items, last night it took me 25 minutes to find the potato masher. It was in the box with all the dishcloths, because of course that’s the logical place for it to be! I wonder what exciting adventure awaits me when I get home tonight? Let the quest for the steak knives begin 🙂


  26. “Darr the Dark”

    Inching upward, David calculated every step—he could not make a mistake. He imagined that millions of viewers sat crouched hovering over their hot motherboards forgoing dinner with family—to watch him.

    Today, “Darr the Dark” would leap from one window sill to the next—unaided—from the hundredth floor of the Statue of Liberty. He dubbed the stunt “The Liberator.”

    Dumping a million dollars into prying old secrets from poisonous crypts and clown schools had left him with three dollars to his name. He had to make it count.

    Five! Four! Three! Two! One!


    Brown chalk, no signal.



  27. “eX-Man”
    by Michael Seese
    100 words

    I hate my job. Crawling up buildings. Hopping across rooftops. And for what? To rid this city of pests.

    Things sure changed around here when Peter and Mary Jane got married. You’d think, for obvious reasons, that they couldn’t have kids. They sure proved the entomologists wrong. And, unfortunately, the spider that bit Peter Parker was a from the Argiope family. They can have up to 1,500 eggs.

    At least it keeps me employed.

    I had just settled down to watch a movie when I heard a scream.

    OK, I’ll say it. This looks like a job for eXterminator Man.


  28. Saviour

    If I can hang on a bit longer, he’ll come. He always comes to save people. He’ll come to save me.

    I bet he’ll come with style too. He’ll fly in, not a strand of hair out of place, cape fluttering on muscular shoulders.

    He’ll hover for a moment and offer some idiotic line before plucking me off the side of the building.

    He’ll be vulnerable, I’ll finally get close enough to strike. I’ve got a piece of kryptonite with his name on it.

    That’ll fix him for stealing Lois from me.

    That red caped, underwear wearing, girlfriend stealing bastard.


  29. Life is a Great Big Bang Up

    “It’s him, I tell you.”
    “No, it’s just some guy who’s gonna get himself killed.”
    “But look at him. I tell you, that’s Spiderman.”
    “Where’s his suit?”
    “I dunno. At the cleaners?”
    “Wouldn’t he have a spare? Besides, he couldn’t take his suit to the cleaners.”
    “Why not?”
    “Well, he’d have to give his name, wouldn’t he? Then, the dry cleaner would know his secret identity.”
    “What difference would that—Uh, oh.”
    “Oh man. Should we call 9-1-1?”
    “Buddy, you okay?”
    “Who did you think you were? Spiderman?”
    [Groan] “I am Spiderman.”
    “Yeah, right.”
    “My suit’s at the cleaners.”

    @unspywriter (Maggie Duncan)

    You probably don’t want to know how my week is going. It started off with a friend’s sudden death on Sunday and continued with a neighbor who lost her fetus one month away from delivery. I’d like to have a 2015-thus-far do-over.


  30. “Tighty whities do not make you a superhero,” Irena said, refusing to turn around.

    “They do if I wear them like a cape…” Baldur announced, his voice suddenly much deeper than usual.

    “Nope…” Irena said, averting her eyes and exiting stage left, which is to say, she went into the kitchen. She was determined to ignore him. Anything else, he’d take as encouragement. Actually, ignoring him he took as not only encouragement, but as a cue to work harder.

    She heard him humming “Ride of the Valkyries.”

    Then it stopped.

    She went back to the foyer.

    It was too late.


    OK…so more inspired by the ‘superhero’ part than the picture, but it’s all in fun lol!



    • And here’s yet ANOTHER phrase we need on a bumper sticker!!! “Tighty whities do not make you a superhero.” HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAA! that was awesome.

      –and yes, nobody’s tighty whities are in knots here; it’s all in fun, and I can’t really think of anything that would DQ a story unless, I dunno, somebody dared go on an anti-dragon rant or something. But I’m SURE such a thing would never happen. –How’s your week going? So great to see you here!


    • How big are these tighty whities thatt they can be worn as a cape? lol, The other question I have is: if you wear your tighty whities over a brightly colored skin tight jumpsuit, does that make you a superhero?

      All tighty whitey jokes aside, I really enjoyed your piece and got a chuckle out of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Mateo, get down from there this instant!

    I don’t care. We don’t scale structures like that. You’re going to break your fool neck.

    Don’t “Oh, Mom” me. Another trip to the ER and CPS will drag you away. A foster family’s not going to tolerate your wall-scrambling shenanigans. And I guarantee you won’t like their cooking.

    But you’re not Spiderman.

    Honey, you don’t need to pretend. You’re amazing without being Spiderman.

    Please don’t make me use “because I said so”. I vowed I’d never be that mom.

    Thank you.

    Now, watch carefully. This is how we scale a building facade…



  32. A Tangled Web

    Jim simultaneously fell off the bed and slipped on his pants when he heard Mark’s voice echoing from the front door. Maria’s husband was home an hour early. A little like Spidey, Jim gracefully climbed out, clinging to the window frame. There his webbed fingers felt super glued. Inside, Maria’s panic raised Mark’s suspicions. When he saw a stray crew sock, he ran out the door shouting obscenities. For Jim, suspended for five minutes seemed like hours. An ache began from his fingernails to his toes. Knowingly doomed, he prepared a strategic plan to jump when he saw Mark’s reflection.

    Julie Jensen


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