Just for Fun: I Am Death


I Am Death
by Rebekah Postupak

“I am Death.” 

She looked up, red-eyed. “You’ve come for me?”

He only smiled in return. Smiled! It was genuine, warm — and, despite everything, her heart stirred. When had she last eaten? Showered? For the first time in months she thought to wonder.

Still smiling, he pulled her to her feet. Her brain whirled. She should call her mother! Check on her sister! Life began leaking from her pores.

“No! I want to live!” Her words burned with panic. Joy.

In confusion he watched her flee, the little statement card falling from his fingers. Please Help. I am Deaf.


Written for rockstar lit agent Janet Reid‘s flash fiction contest, which she runs periodically on her blog; out of somewhere near 90 entries, I am delighted and grateful she named this story a finalist. Entries were required to be under 100 words and include the five following words: death, show, red, me, state.

9 thoughts on “Just for Fun: I Am Death

  1. Rebekah, This was funny. Actually a tragic event laced with comedy. I loved the line, “Life began leaking from her pores.”

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