Flashversary 2014: WINNERS!

Welcome to Flashversary results!

So very many thanks are due! Thanks first of all to owner/publisher Anna Yeatts, Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Vincent, and the entire team from Flash Fiction Onlinewho donated their time and incredible flash know-how to our celebration (and in conjunction with their own seventh anniversary!). Your magazine is respected and lauded across the flashiverse, and you’ve proved yet again here at Flash! Friday just why that is. Thank you so much.

***The Flash Fiction Online team loved your writing and want MORE. They say: All the authors that participated in Flashversary are welcome — and these ten finalists are encouraged — to submit any stories that are within our 500 to 1000 word guideline range. (See their guest judge page here to learn more about FFO; see here for their guidelines.)***

I (Rebekah) also want to thank the behind-the-scenes folks here at Flash! Friday for all their help in pulling off a seriously amazing year-end contest. To Tamara Shoemaker and Margaret Locke in particular, for “stripping” the stories and ensuring a fully blind judging process. To the #FlashDogs, for aid in tweeting and encouraging the community so very faithfully. To the Flash! Friday judging team, for reading the stories with honesty, compassion, and a marvelous sense of humor (and with so little bloodshed! impressive). 

Finally: deepest thanks to the entire flash fiction community, here at Flash! Friday, and across the globe in the many dozens of contests like this one. Taking on this insanely tiny yet gorgeously complex art form requires a great deal of courage. Bravado, even; who else but the bravest and insanest of writers would dare attempt it?? But you do, and you do so week after week with style and power and heart. Thank you. And here’s to another year of doing so all over again. 

And now for a quick reminder of what’s at stake today: 



NOTE to our 10 Finalists: If you provided an email address, the Flash! Friday team will contact you regarding how to collect your prizes. If you did not, please contact the FF team here.

Grand Dragon Champion:

-a Flashversary poster printed with your winning story,
-a Flash! Friday commemorative poster,
-a Flash! Friday commemorative item (choose from a key chain, pendant, or magnet),
-a one-year digital subscription to all three Splickety imprints (Splickety Prime, Splickety Love, Havok),
-a Splickety prize basket including every back issue of Splickety’s magazines, a copy of the Splickety 2014 anthology, and a copy of the Splickety staff’s “how to write flash fiction” ebook
-a one-year subscription to Flash Fiction Online,
-a critique of a story or excerpt of your writing up to 2,000 words by Flash Fiction Online Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Vincent & Publisher Anna Yeatts, and
-fast-tracked consideration for publication in Flash Fiction Online

1st Runner Up:  One Flashversary poster printed with your winning story, a Flash! Friday commemorative poster, a FF commemorative item (choose from a key chain, pendant, or magnet), a one year subscription to the Splickety imprint of your choosing, and a one year subscription to Flash Fiction Online

2nd Runner Up: A Flash! Friday commemorative poster, a FF commemorative item (choose from a key chain, pendant, or magnet), and a one year subscription to the Splickety imprint of your choosing  

3rd Runner UpA Flash! Friday commemorative poster and a one year subscription to the Splickety imprint of your choosing

Honorable Mentions: A Flash! Friday commemorative poster

* TOP TEN FINALISTS: personal critiques on your entry from the Flash Fiction Online judging team


And now… hold hands and look nervously into the cameras, pretending like you’re graciously cheering on your competitors but deep down you’re hoping the others are kidnapped by aliens before this announcement posts so it’ll be a clean sweep…. 




Marie McKay, Paper Skin



Katie MorfordHope Rising
Beautifully written. This story has a lovely, effortless voice. I am left intrigued and wanting more. I want to know what happened to civilization. I want to know more about the Margomoth, especially why he is their last hope for survival. As flash fiction, it whets my appetite and leaves me hanging. I want to hear the rest of the story.

Casey Rose FrankToo Little, Too Late
Interesting take on one of the oldest stories ever told. Powerful use of refrain. Strong closing line. I am also amazed by how much emotion is portrayed by effectively using so little text. Bravo!

MJ KelleyThe Runner
The writing is vivid and taut and the imagery clear. This piece paints a great picture, stark, bleak, and moody.



Marie McKayPaper Skin
Wonderfully written. Mind blown left and right. The rock, paper, scissors concept is excellent; this is a story with a deliciously creepy atmosphere and tone.   



Betsy StreeterClaire
This one’s a heart-breaker. Very well done. The story does an excellent job of setting up atmosphere and dread, and the language is evocative without being overly flowery. Most importantly, this story brought out genuine emotions in us as readers – not a simple task



Nancy ChenierWingless 
Wonderful world-building and two nicely realized characters in a small space. This one is just excellent through and through – the writing is poetic, Matta is sympathetic and interesting, and the message is heartfelt. I enjoyed the well-written sense of finding true belonging among open-hearted people. The contrast with the war-like flying race and the clear choice to be compassionate, made the main character a wonderful, quiet hero for me. This one took my breath away. 






for “Dreamtime

The judging team’s praise was unanimous:

Being allowed in on a cultural secret that the main character won’t share with co-workers takes this story about the sacred nature of dreamwalkers and digeridoos to a very intimate level. The writing is so well done that I feel like the story itself is a special gift of understanding.
This gives a good look at how this particular character sees his place in the universe. I love the inherent contrast of him being in tune with his traditional world and working at a radio telescope facility. Can’t overstate the wonderful descriptive writing.
The story is full of contradictions that combine to make the MC a unique, fresh character.
This one was one of my favorites in terms of setting; it felt vivid and was well communicated through language (the writer clearly has a gift). Toward the end I thought we were going to end on a hopeless note, but at the last moment we come full circle which made me happy. Well done.
The writing is exquisite.

Maggie, the Flash Fiction Online was so crazy about your story, they are interested in discussing publication with you as well. Flash! Friday will contact you with details.

CONGRATULATIONS, MAGGIE!!!!! and to all who participated in this year’s Flashversary contest. You rock the casbah.


5 thoughts on “Flashversary 2014: WINNERS!

  1. Congratulations, Maggie! I loved your story, and I’m so excited for you! And congratulations to ALL of the finalists – making it into the Top 10 out of 116 is a feat in and of itself, and you gifted us with marvelous tales!


  2. Congrats, Maggie. And to all finalists and folks honored here. It was a great contest. And it was very cool getting to know all your work. Looking forward to reading many of you in Flash Fridays to come!


    • Yes; because they are publishing it, FFO needed us to delete it from here. We’ll be sure to link the story when it’s published there.


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