Flashversary: FINALISTS!

You did it.

You wrote a massive batch of daring stories the first round; and then twenty-five incredibly talented authors accepted the challenge to write a second set of stories. It was an audacious undertaking. Foolhardy. Downright mad, quite likely, and we in the dragons’ lair would have understood quite well if you twenty-five changed your minds and went skiing instead. However, it would seem your madness is also brilliant and cruel, because the second round stories you submitted dazzled us mercilessly. We gave you a light at the end of the tunnel: you returned the favor with creepy parasites and aliens, reality and fantasy, babies and hoped-for-babies, and ancient didgeridoos and even Beethoven. Beethoven!?

From fifty soaring tales we could only choose ten?! Perhaps we are the mad ones.

Still, somehow we eventually did it, too (and for the record, in Rebekah’s current (temporary) time zone it is a few minutes before midnight on the promised day), and these ten stories now lie in the hands of the magnificent judging team at Flash Fiction Online. We don’t envy them their task! Only one step remains:

***The Flashversary winners will be revealed on Tuesday, Dec 16***

Until then: it’s another “regular” Flash! Friday contest, the first of Year Three, this week Dec 12, captained by our first paired judge team of Joidianne/Image Ronin (can you stand it?! speaking of talent!). Be sure to come back to get your competitive flash fiction juices stirred up all over again. 

And now: toss your caps in the air and shout with us for the ten finalists of Flashversary 2014. [[Read their winning stories here.]] Congratulations, finalists, along with our thanks to all the semifinalists for making this job very nearly impossible. (Please may we have a nap now?!)


Grace Black, Memories Ignite

Nancy Chenier, Wingless 

Catherine Connolly, The Woman Who Wanders Worlds Wide

Maggie Duncan, Dreamtime 

Casey Rose Frank, Too Little, Too Late 

MJ Kelley, The Runner 

Lloyd Mills, It’s Life, and Life Only 

Marie McKay, Paper Skin 

Katie Morford, Hope Rising 

Betsy Streeter, Claire 



Click HERE to read the ten finalists’ stories.



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