Sixty Seconds with: John Murray Lewis

Ten answers to ten questions in 20 words or fewer. That’s less time than it takes to burn a match*.

(*Depending on the length of the match and your tolerance for burned fingers, obviously)


Our newest Flash! Friday winner is John Murray Lewis.  Read his winning story here, then take one minute to get to know him better.

1) What about the prompt inspired your winning piece?  Two things: I visited Scotland last summer, and I have a 3-month-old at home. So memories + anxieties.

2) How long have you been writing flash? A couple of years now, off and on.

3) What do you like about writing flash?  Flash encourages you to work quickly, try new things, be weird.

4) What flash advice would you give other writers?  Start writing, and keep writing. You might stink at first, but you’ll get there.

5) Who is a writer we should follow, and why? Webcomics can teach you a lot about crafting succinct, punchy storiesHark! A Vagrant by (fellow Canadian!) Kate Beaton is one of the best.

6) Do you participate in other flash contests, and which?  I don’t, yet, but I’d like to! They are a great way to keep the gears turning.

7) What other forms do you write (novels, poetry, articles, etc)? I’m mostly interested in short stories these days. Maybe I’ll work my way up to a novel.

8) What is/are your favorite genre(s) to write, and why? Growing up with comic books and video games, fantasy and sci-fi come most easily. I like the macabre, the strange, the irreverent.

9) Tell us about a WIP.  Currently, a short script for a filmmaker friend. Then, a short story about Canadian hero/villain James Wolfe.

10) How do you feel about dragons? Well, a ratty old edition of St. George and the Dragon was my go-to storybook as a kid!



4 thoughts on “Sixty Seconds with: John Murray Lewis

  1. Kudos. Enjoyed your story. Look forward to reading more of your creations. Your journey in parenthood only provides more fodder for the mind!

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