Tom Sawyer, “The Solemn Oath.” Public domain artwork by True Williams.

I don’t know about you, but my nerves are totally shot. If you’ve been watching the voting these past five days, you’ve seen the crazy NASCAR-style intensity as various writers jostled for various places. The writing (and reading) worlds turned out in magnificent numbers to support these ten finalists. Have I mentioned recently how incredible you all are?!

Some thanks are in order:

* To the voters, some of whom went to extraordinary lengths to find devices on which to support their favorite writer, turning in a whopping 1,400+ votes.

* To the Flash! Friday community, for supporting these finalists with comments, tweets, Facebooking, votes, and just generally being awesome in your awesomely awesome awesomeness.

* To the ten finalists. Though the final winner was chosen by wheeling, dealing, and conniving in the spirit of Tom Sawyer, each of you deserves a medal in your own right. Your stories were fresh, funny, creepy, original, crisp, sweet, raucous, and a wonderful read in every respect. Hats off and heartfelt congratulations to all ten of you:

MT Decker

Rasha Tayaket

Karl A. Russell

Tamara Shoemaker

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Robert Marazas

Margaret Locke

Alissa Leonard

Mark A. King

Toni Morrow Wyatt

FINALLY: Please come back tomorrow (Wednesday) to celebrate the latest Flash! Friday winner, Taryn Noelle Kloeden, and read her #SixtySeconds interview. And then come back Friday for the next Flash! Friday contest, because writing doesn’t stop with a single contest on a single day, no matter how deliciously dragony. There is always writing going on, and you are always welcome here.


* 2nd runner up, with 264 votes: MT Decker

* 1st runner up, with 274 votes: Toni Morrow Wyatt

And in FIRST PLACE, with an astounding 461 votes, our first-ever Dog Days summer writing contest winner:


Congratulations, Margaret! You fought hard for this one — don’t think we didn’t see you trying to get Colin Morgan and Benedict Cumberbatch over to vote for you! — and for that conniving alone, the win is unshakably, unquestionably, entirely, absolutely deserved. In addition, your story so beautifully encapsulates summer mischief, and your final line adds a powerful layer of depth which turns the story on its head in the best kind of way. Great job, and congratulations! Wear your Tom Sawyer paintbrush with pride.

***All three winners please contact me here at your convenience to discuss how you’d like your winnings.***

CONGRATULATIONS again to all of youwhen a writer wins, we all win!!!! — and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Dog Days WINNERS

  1. Woo hoo! Thank you SO MUCH, Mz. Dragoness, and thank you to ALL of the people who voted for me. I have to say, there were so many good stories, such fierce competition, and I know it was only through intense badgering of people who halfway like me that I was able to snag this title. WRITE ON, FLASH FRIDAY PEEPS!


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