Dog Days Finalists–VOTE VOTE VOTE!


Happy Dog Days! Much gratitude to all you troublemakers who took the time to scrape up mischief for this little contest. I had such fun reading your tales, each as brightly varied and memorable as you dear writers. If you  haven’t had a chance to read through them all, let me invite you to do so here. It’s worth the time.

Of course I knew from the beginning I was in for a great ride; every week your Flash! Friday stories raise the bar of what flash fiction is and what it can be. And sure enough, once again your writing blew the top off the contest. So to choose the top ten, I looked for stories that rang especially fresh, whose voice or machinations turned the expected on its head; stories with crisp writing and snappy pacing; stories with vivid themes or characters or descriptions that simmered in my memory even after I’d moved on. Above all, I looked for stories that best embodied childhood summer mischief. 

To all of you: thank you for sharing your writing. Thank you for your useful and uplifting comments to each other. Thank you for making this place the challenging and unflaggingly supportive community it is. You inspire me every day.

And now, without further ado:

Read: Please read the top ten stories here.

Rules: Voting will be open from the moment this post goes up until 11:59pm Monday, July 28, Washington, DC time. Vote as often as you can from as many devices as you can (once per IP address). Finalists, be sure to vote for your own story! 

Winners: The top three winners will be announced first thing Tuesday morning, July 29. 


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