Sixty Seconds II with: Laura Carroll Butler

Ten answers to ten questions in 20 words or fewer. That’s less time than it takes to burn a match*.

(*Depending on the length of the match and your tolerance for burned fingers, obviously)


Our newest Flash! Friday winner is Laura Carroll Butler.  Read her winning story here. Note that this is her second win–read her first #SixtySeconds interview (from back in October) here. Then take another minute to get to know her better below.

1) What about the prompt inspired your winning piece?  The surreality of the picture and my son leaving home; I seem to write best when I’m feeling emotional.

2) Do you outline, or are you more of a discovery writer? Some of both; I know my character’s history, but they’re like children.  As I write, they develop their own way of    doing things.

3) How would you describe your writing style? Real, but hopefully more interesting than reality.

4) When did you begin writing fiction? As soon as I could write.  I still have the stories I wrote as a teenager, and they are pretty bad.

5) Introduce us to a favorite character in one of your stories. Johanna Somers is born into English nobility, marries a Virginia farmer and lives in Tidewater during the Revolutionary War.

6) What books have influenced your life the most? To Kill A Mockingbird. I wish I were Atticus, but I’m more like Scout. I react from the heart.

7) What are you currently reading? Finally, an easy question!  Washington’s Spies:  The Story of America’s First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose.

8) How do you combat writer’s block? With a glass of wine!

9) What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?  Write with honesty (thank you Emyl).

10) What do you admire most about dragons? They’re so pretty!  What’s not to admire?


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