Flashversary Interview with Jacki Donnellan, Pt 2

This is the second part of a two-part interview. Read Part I here.

Jacki Donnellan Flashversary Winner

Jacki Donnellan
Flashversary Winner

Jacki Donnellan won our 2013 Flashversary contest. I’m so pleased to share with you now the second part of her interview (read Part I here). Read her winning story (along with the other Flashversary winning stories) here!

Describe for us your journey as a writer.  As I young child I had very few friends and was bullied at school, so writing was, for me, a readily available escape into another world. I’d written three or four “novels” by the time I was twelve. They were (really!) not great works of literature, but with hindsight I realize they were marvelous, because they were stories and people that I had been utterly unafraid to sit down and create from nothing, with a pen.

Once I became a teenager I no longer wrote, except at school. I actually have no idea what made me then decide, in my mid-forties, that perhaps I should sit down and try writing a story. But when I did, it felt a bit like I was meeting the real, grown-up me for the very first time.

Describe your current writing life.  I prefer to write when everyone’s out and no-one’s watching, and I don’t belong to a writing group-unless you count Flash! Friday, of course! 

What would you say to someone behind you on the journey? Where should they begin? Starting from scratch as I did, I learnt so much about writing short fiction just by reading short fiction written by others. It didn’t even cost me anything- there is a wealth of free short fiction available online, in free online magazines and anthologies, or on people’s blogs. I read a lot of online articles about writing, too, and decided I would invest in a subscription to a writing magazine.

I also began to use Twitter, where I discovered so many useful sites (Flash! Friday chief among them!) And it’s a great way of connecting with lots of different and inspirational writers, of all stages. 

Describe your goals as a writer. My biggest goal for now is just to keep going! Not a day goes by when I’m sure that I probably won’t write anything worth reading ever again. I hope to  persevere nonetheless: to write, to learn, to enjoy, and to keep being brave enough to be read. I find that the braver I am making myself be, the easier it’s becoming to scoop up all those chattering little demons of self-doubt, and just bring them along, for the ride.

Thank you, Jacki, for letting us get to know you a bit through these interviews. Congratulations again on your #Flashversary win. May you have a spectacular 2014, and may all your writing dreams come true!! Much love from Rebekah & the Flash! Friday family.

3 thoughts on “Flashversary Interview with Jacki Donnellan, Pt 2

  1. Congratulations Jacki! I think many writers, myself included, can identify with your childhood struggles. I was about eight when I first discovered that writing could help me escape. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Looking forward to reading more of your work!


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