Flashversary: Top 25

Dragon of Halong Bay (Vietnam). Photo by LoggaWiggler.

Dragon of Halong Bay (Vietnam). Photo by LoggaWiggler.

What a whirlwind of a week and weekend! You all stunned us with your dragontales, leaping in and out of history and legend and longing with fierceness and courage. I was going to say I don’t envy the judges for their Herculean task of choosing 25 to move on to the next round–until it occurred to me their job will pale next to the Flash! Friday team’s and mine (HOW to choose the finalists? and winners?!). You’ve done a tremendous job by making ours nearly impossible–thank you! 

Reminders: if you have a moment, please be sure to leave a thank you note for our valiant judges; and if you are able, please consider supporting the work of 826DC

Countdown: The Flashversary Top 10 will post tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec 10) at 7:30am, and the MEGA CHAMPION WINNERS as well as the winner of the Haunted Waters Press Award will be announced Wednesday (Dec 11), also at 7:30am. Don’t miss it!

And now here are your top 25 stories, in alphabetical order by story title. Be sure to read these awesome tales, if you haven’t already (and don’t forget to comment on the worthy stories submitted the last day!). Thank you, and congratulations to the top 25!


A Story, by Jonathon Ryan

Anything with Wings, by Ruth Long

Clara’s Dragon, by Von Rupert

Depths, by Accidento Bizaro

Fire and Ice, by Zach Payne

Fruitless Labours, by Marie McKay

Here, by Dragonsflypoppy (aka Elizabeth Savory)

Legend, by Sarah Cain

Memories of Smoke & Fire, by Samantha Redstreake Geary

Qinhai Dancer, by Andy Smart

Richard Thornton, by Kristen AFC

Summoning, by Karl A. Russell

The Craftsman, by Stephen James Lock

The Crossing, by Betsy Streeter

The Dragon Boat, by Laura Carroll Butler

The Dragon Who Breathed No Fire, by Unspywriter (aka Maggie Duncan)

The Dragon’s Fire, by AJ Walker

The Dragon’s Gaze, by Dan Radmacher

The Dragons of Ha Long Bay, by Maven Alysse

The Last of the Dragons, by Margaret Locke

The Perpetual Truth, by Sarah Miles

The Ruse, by Today’s Chapter (aka Craig Anderson)

To Dream of Legend, by Jacki Donnellan

Two Missionaries, by Charles W. Short

Witch Justice, by Jessica West


7 thoughts on “Flashversary: Top 25

  1. I’m honored to have made the first cut. This is my first foray into Flash. Congratulations to all who submitted, thanks for some worthy stealth reading during my shifts at work. 🙂

  2. I didn’t think I’d make the Top 25, so I’m delighted to be listed, and amongst so many wonderful writers too! Humungous thank you to Rebekah for nurturing us all and giving us a space to share our writing.

  3. I’m so honored to be included in this list. I’ve read your Friday Flashes throughout the past year, but I always felt too intimidated by the wonderful talent to join in. I’m so glad I gave it a go this time around. Thanks for all the hard work and love Rebekah, the writers, and the judges have put into this site. It’s an awesome idea that has come far. I’m sure 2014 will prove to be another amazing year!

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