Flash! Friday # 49 — WINNERS!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to everyone who dared set foot on the gorgeous Fairyland bridge (also called the Bridge of Immortals) this week. Didn’t that photo make you want to visit?? Here’s another look at the bridge which is, I might add, at 5,000 feet; and here are a couple of options for reaching it. I would say perhaps it’s safest to read about rather than attempt climbing it, but given your stories….? Maybe not. 🙂  

This week we’re saying thanks & goodbye to outgoing judge Kinza Carpenter Shores, whose beautiful swan song is below. Thank you for bringing such passion & heart to reading these stories, Kinza, and for forging through the tough decisions. You are so appreciated!    

THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES! Flash! Friday Flashversary Festivities will run Dec 2-6, and Year 2 will officially launch Dec 13. Raise your hand if you’re as giddy as I am!! 


Judge Kinza Carpenter Shores says, First off, I’d like to say that judging these flash fiction contests has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s simply amazing to be a part of this fantastic flash fiction idea- this idea that one could make compelling, complete (!), amazing stories in such small little clear, concise pieces. It’s revolutionized the way I view writing. Every week I’m amazed by all these great writers who always come up with beautiful, poignant stories. There are people who have never won this contest that I’ve had on my top 16 list every single time. You are all so talented! I’ll definitely miss it, and thank you all for the opportunity.



Aria Glazki, “Flight Plan.” Aria’s fantasy adventure captured my interest right away as the imagery is vivid and the threat very realistically described. I felt I could connect with the heroine and feared for her as she made the tough decision to jump. If this were in a novel in the YA section, I would definitely pick it up to find out what happens next.

John Cosgrove, Untitled. This piece exemplified great witty dialogue, and the descriptions of the characters were also vivid and hilarious. This piece was good at things I’ve never thought I was particularly great at, dialogue and humor. It also far and away blew away the competition with the vivid characterization.  


Dr. Magoo, Untitled. For third place I chose DrMagoo’s piece. Setting off a great tone as the first story in the contest, it intrigued me and I read it several times. The mystery made me want to know more, the culture of the place was also intriguing, as was setting the entire piece in some bygone era long ago. The word choice was excellent, as well as sentence structure. I felt the story was very well put together. And I have to say, how did he get the first piece in the middle? I’ve just GOT TO KNOW.


James Marshall,Value.” Its originality and how different it was from all the other stories set it apart for me. I was also impressed that someone managed to put science fiction into a contest about a fairy bridge. Perhaps it was my own NaNo novel being science fiction, or that I’m currently reading Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy to my husband, but this piece amused me. I loved how it humanized these humans far into the future and also made snarky commentary about our current situation–inconsiderate customers and the ever-lingering presence of the company apple. I found that incorporating such a vivid futuristic setting flowed so easily in perhaps a humorous manner and every line in this story well written.

And appearing for the second time as Flash! Friday  



for “Bottleneck” 

 I chose “Bottleneck” as the winning story, perhaps more for the surprise and originality than anything. For this story to have been about a battle, the diction and imagery were wonderful, so vivid and detailed. That twist at the end just floored me. It made me realize that all these stories could possibly be seen from a multitude of view points. The story was crafted beautifully, and every line seemed to have a purpose. It was just great writing.

Congratulations, Mary! Here is your updated Winner’s Page, a hilariously warlike/childlike dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Watch your inbox for your next Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds interview questions.


The battle had raged for hours, but the small defensive force had brought the invading army to a halt. For three hours Daniel and his men held their ground. Shoulder to shoulder, they blocked every attempt to take the bridge.

The narrow space had forced the Khan’s men to fight in small groups, rendering their superior numbers useless. There was no going around the bridge and no way of reaching the ravine below other than falling.

Daniel had chosen the defenders’ position well. As the fight continued, the Kahn signaled for his archers. There was more than one way to take out a soldier, no matter whose god was on their side.

One volley was all it took.

The Kahn was about to begin his triumphant march into the city when a booming voice echoed across the chasm.

“Danny, it’s time to put your Legos away and go to bed.”


2 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 49 — WINNERS!

  1. Mary Decker, I always love reading your stuff! I would buy your books! So…if you do start publishing, look me up so I can buy them! XD


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