Flash! Friday # 48 — WINNERS!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out this week! November’s rather bittersweet as we bid farewell to our faithful judge panel from Year One and gear up with great excitement for the new panel. Notifications will go out to the new judges this week, and they’ll be announced here in the coming weeks. For now: a dragonish thank you to outgoing judge Patricia McCommas, who has always approached the FF stories with tremendous heart and enthusiasm. As thanks, I’m letting her go a bit nuts tossing out prizes every which way! Thank you, dear Patricia.   

AND THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! We’re approaching the first anniversary of Flash! Friday and have all sorts of shenanigans planned. The Flashversary Festivities will run Dec 2-6. GIT READY!! 


Judge Patricia McCommas says, There were 42 entries and so many of them were outstanding. There were five that deserved a winning place and quite a few that at the very least deserved an honorable mention. So…since this is my last turn as a judge, there are more winners than normal. This was a fun year, and I enjoyed reading all the fabulously creative stories. As far as I’m concerned, you are all winners! I am sure that many of you will go on to become well-known writers. I can say I knew you when. Good luck to the new judges!



My favorite line: Cindy Vaskova, Legend Has It.” “His thoughts chased themselves like ghosts as he stared into the fading paint, the yesterday car, now a thousand year old junk.”

My favorite ending: Writemomwrite, “Forgotten.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Most Unexpected Ending: Maven Alysse, “Some Body Work Needed.”


Craig Towsley, “The Grave Truth.” I would have given this one fourth place if that had been permitted! Excellent. Well-written. Creative. Great use of the prompt. Wonderful imagery and a nice twist at the end. This story is just too good to be overlooked!

TodaysChapter, “Under the Hood.” Nice story–fun and original. Love the lesson implied of not judging a book by its cover. Its message of paying more attention to what’s under the hood instead of what’s on the outside is outstanding; no guy likes being beaten–not to mention outsmarted–by a woman.  

VB Holmes“Nine Notches.” This is a really good mystery story. While I think it is part of a novel, this short 258 words was masterfully told as a short story with a nice twist at the end. Because of the conversation at the beginning, I thought for sure Jimmy was alive somewhere. But when I reached the end, I discovered who the POV character is–wow.  

Jacki Donnellan“One for the Road.” Excellent! Creative! I loved the twist at the end–I had no idea who was telling most of the story. 

Jeffrey Hollar, “Unquestionable Necessity.” Interesting story of a future time when societal norms today are tomorrow’s criminal activities deserving of prison. I like that he used the prompt as his reminder of days of old when he could freely partake of drink and wander about freely driving where ever he pleased. I also found it interesting how the new laws created a flawed mental capacity where it didn’t exist in the past. 

Laura Carroll Butler“Summer.” This was utterly delightful, reflecting the wonderful imagination of musing children. Great use of the prompt. Creative and original. Well written.

Sparkygetsthegirl, “Jeremy Was Changing.” This unique story about one man’s transformation deserves an honorable mention for creative use of the prompt and excellent, poetic writing.


KindredSpirit23,One Man’s Trash.” Love the simplicity of this story with a great message. Good writing; original; great imagery.


Margaret Locke, “Rusted Development.” Original, creative, and great use of the Love Bug movies. I loved this story told from the point of view of Herbie’s grandmother.


Charles Short,Graveyard Prophet.” Excellent use of the prompt. Charles masterfully gave this car character, a heart, and a conscience. Imagery is fabulous. It drew me in and held my interest. I was also impressed by the high praise this story received from other readers. I could almost hear Arnold Schwarzenegger as the voice of the car.

And wearing the Flash! Friday crown for the first time as 



for “The Dollhouse” 

 WOW! WINNER WINNER WINNER!! This was engaging and interesting in a creepy sort of way. I had no idea who the “dolls” were until the very end. This story is totally unique and creative. Great imagery and a perfect use of the prompt. Well done.

Congratulations, Joidianne! Here is your Winner’s Page, a very NON-creepy, yet stunning dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap here so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

The Dollhouse

Matthew liked the old car, it never moved and it was a perfect hiding spot for his toys. Some days he’d sit on top of it and pick at the rust that peaked through its silver skin. It was a good place to play and his Daddy didn’t yell so loudly when Matthew told him he’d been playing with the car. His Daddy thought he was too old to be playing but Matthew knew he was wrong especially about the dolls.

Matthew had two of them now and he kept them inside the car, sitting them in the seats and buckling the seatbelts to make sure that they were safe. He’d had other dolls but he had to get rid of those because they got too dirty and if Matthew kept them for long they made the inside of the car messy and that just wouldn’t do. Momma said that cleanliness was next to Godliness and Matthew always listened to what his Momma said.

Momma didn’t talk as much now but that wasn’t strange, none of the pretty dolls that Matthew had talked. Maybe they were in awe of his beautiful car, after all Matthew had spent a lot of time cleaning it up to make it perfect and not everyone had a car as pretty as his.

Opening the door, Matthew sighed as he stared at his oldest doll. She was already getting so messy. It was a good thing that his daddy was sick; he’d need a new doll soon.



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