Flash! Friday # 47 — WINNERS!

We kick off today’s Round 47 festivities with a fond farewell to judge Dan Radmacher, who has served faithfully and with excellence this past year. THANK YOU, Dan, for being such a valiant and supportive member of the Flash! Friday family. On the bright side, though your judgery will be missed, I’m also looking forward to your return as a contestant! Three cheers for Dan!!

SPEAKING OF JUDGES! As the Year One panel retires over the next few weeks, let me remind you we are accepting applications to join the rotating judge panels for Flash! Friday’s Year 2. Details here! To be considered for the first panel (Dec 14 – March 14), please have your applications in by THIS THURSDAYOctober 31. Thanks to all who have already applied–it’s going to be a magnificent first quarter! 


Judge Dan Radmacher says, Thank you all for making my last stint of judging such a memorable one. The prompt took some of you in similar directions, while others used it as the barest touchstone to inspire some brilliant storytelling. So much humor, drama and emotion. Great job all the way around.



Stephen Wilds, Intuition.” The impact of this darkly humorous piece all turns on the tremendous characterization of the snide, dismissive Marlin. By the time we reach the twist at the end, we know Marlin well enough to gladly leave him to his fate.


VB Holmes,Bad News.”  Others mentioned the huge nose, but this tale is the one that, for me, prompted the biggest laugh about it with a line that comes way out of left field. The tone of the story pulls us in, even though both characters’ reaction to thinning hair seems overwrought. This is a nice, light bit of fun.


EA Smith, “Quieting the Mind.” I really liked this intimate tale that told us a lot, even while leaving a lot unsaid. The result was an almost impressionistic impact that gets under the reader’s skin in unexpected ways. The girl in the cranberry bog will stay with me for a long time.


Lady Hazmat,Memory of a Murder.” This was a vividly told story with great imagery that brought the abstract landscape of the mind to brilliant life. There are great touches throughout this piece that make the details stand out. I could see the work Oscar was doing and feel the psychic shockwaves between him and the condemned man. This great short story left me wanting more.

And appearing on the Flash! Friday dais for the first time  as 



for “A Meeting of Minds” 

 A simple, beautiful love story. The innocuous dialogue countered by the mutual burning desire expressed in the actual thoughts work together to paint a vivid picture of the scene and characters, even with no words of description. And then the subtle realization of the last line tells us that the story is only just beginning. Truly excellent.

Congratulations, DP! With a name and writing like yours, how could you not eventually win a round!!! Delighted to see you take the wreath at long last. Here is your Winner’s Page, a highly sparkly and mysterious dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. As I do not have telepathy myself, please contact me asap here with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

A Meeting of Minds

“Hello again.”
My God, it’s you.

“Oh, hi.”
It’s you. It’s really you.

“Such a nuisance when the train is late isn’t it?”
Thank goodness the train is late, it means I have longer to speak to you; to look at you.

“Yes, a real pain.”
And I get to spend just a few more heart-racing, precious moments in your company.

“You, um, look nice today.”
You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

“Oh it’s just an old sweater, nothing special.”
I wore my best jumper on the off-chance I might see you.

“It’s getting cooler now the nights are drawing in.”
Your smile would melt the chill away.

“Yes, much colder.”
If you would only wrap your arms around me.

“Oh, um, here’s your train. That’s a relief.”
I hate that your train is here. I wanted a few minutes longer…

“Yes this is me. Maybe I’ll see you around?”
Say we’ll meet again?

“Yes, hope so.”
I’ll be here, same time next Friday, just as I have every other Friday for the last few months.

“Bye then.”
I don’t want to go.

Don’t leave.

Slowly the train pulled out of the station, leaving two strangers alone on the platform.


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