Flash! Friday # 39 — WINNERS!

I went waaaay out on a surrealist limb this week and worried whether many of you could be crazy enough to take on such a fantastically marvelous but challenging painting. SILLY ME! You all showed up in force and spun tales as madly spectacular as the original work itself (note: you can find more of Salvador Nunez’s work here).  Thank you, as ever, dear friends, for sharing your writing skills and for encouraging each other so magnificently. I can’t wait to see what you do with next week’s prompt… 

A reminder all stories remain eligible for further plotting on by Monday’s Flash Points feature, right here most Mondays.   


Judge Jaz Draper says, I liked this week’s prompt so much that I am going to buy a copy, frame it, hang it in our house, and then decorate a room around it. Seriously entertaining.  —As much as Rebekah loves dragons, I love wizards, elves, fairies, leprechauns, and most especially, the legend of King Arthur. I read, re-read, read aloud, shared the stories with my husband and finally had to get serious about picking this week’s winners. So with the help of a good sprinkling of fairy dust, here we go.




Tim Agin, “Immigrants.” Nice take on an other-worldly “Ellis Island.”

James Mender, “Desk Duty.” Love the types of amusing complaints about the DUST travelers.


Stephen James Lock, Untitled. I really liked the interpersonal relationship between the court jester and the frustrated next door fairy. His absentmindedness and her frustration and annoyance were clearly illustrated through their dialogue. Love the phrases “anger management fairy” and “melodic, sociopathically polite voice” among others.


Margaret Locke, “Return to Sender.” Having been a lifelong student of the Arturian legend, I think Margaret’s connection between Arthur and Elvis was brilliant. I like the depiction of a tired, grieving Merlin, spending a lifetime looking for his friend and king. A little tighter writing would have edged this one to First for me. Still, this story made me laugh out loud at the very clever connection between not one, but TWO Once and Future Kings. Great job! 

And the Flash! Friday first time 



for “Second Living”  

A wizard, a beautiful fairy and a bawdy story. Erin’s choice of words give nothing away overtly and she gives us a multi-layered tale ripe with clever double entendres. Perfect set-up, great twist and a loud guffaw at the end for which a King would richly reward the court jester. Congratulations, Erin!

Congratulations, Erin! Here are your Winner’s Page, a glorious dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

Second Living

He was sitting in front of a table; a tall man with strong angular shoulders; atop his head was a magnificent wizard’s hat, curled and gnarled at the corners. In front of him was a mystical door which seemed to be suspended in mid-air, although his view was somewhat obscured by a dead tree. A beautiful woman stepped through the door; wildly vibrant butterfly wings were sprouting from her back and she was accompanied by a dazzling white unicorn.

“My Liege,” she stated, performing a somewhat unnatural looking curtsy. “What shall we do today, Sire?”

He was confused by this form of address as clearly his hat signified his Wizard status, but he decided it best not to complain. What followed was a thoroughly frustrating half-hour spent attempting to satisfy her requirements; he had taken her to the bog moors of Alierain, but she had been unimpressed. He had then transported them to the hot spring glaciers of Macembree, but again she expressed only boredom and annoyance. She had initiated a conversation about her favourite “toys,” but had disappeared quickly after he had started talking about his.

“Christopher, are you busy?” shouted a voice from the kitchen.

“Just playing with a friend,” he replied.

“Having fun?”

“Not really. She wanted to go somewhere dirty, so I took her to the bog moors, but then she wanted somewhere steamy, so I took her to the hot springs; she didn’t seem very happy about either.”

“What was her name?” The tone of the question seemed cold and considered.

“S.X.Y Fairy 69,” he replied. “Although I think she must be one of Daddy’s friends, as I was using his online account.”

The clatter of dishes which erupted from the kitchen, accompanied by a string of swear words from his Mother made Christopher wonder if all woman hated bogs moors and hot springs.


5 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 39 — WINNERS!

  1. Very well done! I’m really glad this story won, it was very well done.

    Its funny. I have not problem transforming the normal into the fantastic, but give me a fantasy… I brain lock.


  2. Congratulations to the winners. The Undead Team actually used the picture but one of our characters was a borrowed character (translate: it was fan fiction) so we didn’t want to post our story here.
    I’m so sorry about last week. I feel like such an idiot. 😦


    • Please, no worries at all! No doubt we’re being more paranoid than necessary–we’re just trying to go above & beyond in respecting artists’ copyrights. And also avoid getting sued, heh heh. -We love your team & writing and hope you come back to write some more.


  3. Very clever winning story. I enjoyed it very much! Put me in mind of the anime series, .Hack, which is a big accolade.

    Props to everyone who entered. This prompt totally bested me. I’m kind of disappointed I couldn’t come up with anything for it, but it was just SO far out of my wheelhouse. I have major writer envy, you guys!


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