Flash! Friday # 38 — WINNERS!

A map. A gentle ocean breeze. A loving couple chatting together over a pleasant afternoon snack.

And then:

You writers threw them off cliffs, drowned them, poisoned them, betrayed them, sent them to hell and/or the depths of the sea. And while yes, all of that would be a bit of a downer for a vacationer, your tales of plots and avarice and murder (with a hint of romance) demonstrate to the reading world yet again the depth and breadth of your imaginations and writing abilities. Have I mentioned recently how awesome y’all are?? 

Don’t forget all stories remain eligible for further plotting on by Monday’s Flash Points feature, right here most Mondays.   


Judge Dan Radmacher says, Wow. I’m not sure why this photo prompted so much treachery and deceit, but it certainly did, along with a heaping of great imagery, characters and storytelling.



Margaret Locke, “The Honeymoon is Over.” Great visuals and humor in this one.

Pratibha Kelapure, “Lady Lucky.” Never has “It’s peaceful here” been filled with such emotional weight.


Dieter Rogiers, “To Boldly Go.” Even before the unexpected and magical reveal at the end, this story was captivating in its description of a man’s brooding need for broader horizons and adventures. Great, economical characterization, even of the wife who gets only a few lines.


Marissa Ames, “Saucy Jacky.” The writer here does an excellent job of telling a complete tale with a few bold strokes. The characters are vivid and intriguing, and the twist is revealed with dexterity. Excellent job. 

And the Flash! Friday first time 



for “Where Next?”  

What a wonderful tale — subtle, witty, charming … and just a little bit frisky. There’s not much plot here, but the emotion and attraction between these two lovers is tangible, sealed with the sweet final line.

Congratulations, Charles! Here are your Winner’s Page, a glorious dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

Where Next?

She studied the map; he studied her. Red hair, green eyes, and a bright intelligence had captured him from their first meeting. He felt blessed.

“Where next?” She said it in a soft, thoughtful voice with her hand marking their location.

He noticed his hand on her shoulder and thought to himself, “Where next, indeed.”

“Jack, where are you thinking?”

“Perhaps, down under?” He kept his voice from revealing his mischievous thoughts, but his hand betrayed him as it made a slight movement down her back. He corrected himself and hoped she had not noticed.

She raised her head and spoke gently, “Husband, are you thinking of our trip, or are you thinking of your hand?”

He glanced around. He felt a slight panic, trying to avoid her perceptive eyes. He had been caught. “Maybe a little of both.”

He was embarrassed. Rightly so. “Well, my bride, I told you when we got married I would let you go anywhere you desired.”

She turned and faced him. His hand stayed on her shoulder so that it wrapped around her in a loose hug. He was not accustomed to this closeness. It made him dizzy. But it was a most delightful dizzy.

She stared at him. He settled down and returned the gaze. Then she intentionally glanced at his hand on her shoulder and said, “And I told you, my dear husband, I would let you go anywhere you desired.”

They both thought they had the better half of the deal.


4 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 38 — WINNERS!

  1. Well done to all the winners.
    Thanks again to all for your tales this week I’ve enjoyed reading them all.,
    A huge well done to Charles for being the best of the best in this round, look forward to reading more of your tales. 🙂


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