Flash! Friday # 36 — WINNERS!

Once again I fear a number of you forgot to eat before writing (although–true confession–I’ve been known to snack on my own sweet children from time to time). What a hilarious mix of the creepy and comedic, with a number of truly stirring tales to boot. THANKS, all, for another memorable week of seriously amazing writing.

Don’t forget all stories remain eligible for snacking on by Monday’s Flash Points feature, right here.   


Judge Beth Peterson says, First, let me say again that I judge stories “blind”; I transfer them, sans identifiers, into a word processing document to go over and do my judging. In that way I avoid any unconscious pitfalls of favoritism (’cause I like a lot of you writers who I see here quite often!). 


This week was once again a true pleasure to read and ponder each entry to the Flash! Friday universe! I found a lot of stories made up just of dialog (or very nearly), which shows how ~much~ we can do just with voice. Well done, All. Lots of lip-smacking baby-snacking going on, but given the odd smile on the young woman’s face that didn’t surprise me.
We had some really thoughtful pieces, though, as well…. Shouting out here to “Ninety-Nine Lives” by Dr. Mike Reddy and “Nine” by L~. Also, the artist in me has to acknowledge “Ninety-Nine Words” by mtdecker; this story reminded me *so* much of the Escher drawing, where the hand is drawing the hand. 🙂
Yes, Yes…I know, Rebekah! I can only give so many prizes! Here we go: 




Karl A Russell, “September’s Song.” A little tightening up might have made this piece truly soar! Even so, the capture of Marlee as the distant, untouched-by-it-all, deliverer of fate was well done. 


Allison K. Garcia, “Babies for Sale.” Loved this! And that last piece of dialog pulled it together and wrapped it in a bow! 


Ursula Andromeda, “Nurse Blucher Banned from Nursery.” I have laughed every time I’ve read this, which has been several times. You caught the dialect well and the characterization shown through the dialog (as well as the choice of names, ROFL) was masterful. Well done!!


And the Flash! Friday FIRST! TIME!  



for “Cheap Labour.”  What absolute fun, to hear these babies talking among themselves, like a group adult laborers. Lovely dialog that makes their voices sound so clearly in my mind, and subtle imagery that evokes further depth, like the cart (which immediately drew me an image of an old horse-drawn cart complete with plodding pony) …. And I must say, the doorstops and Pete who can’t hold his drink are hilarious.

Congratulations, Mike! Here are your Winner’s Page, a glorious dragon eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

Cheap Labour

Any idea where we’re going, Billy?”

“Not really, mate. Pete here reckons we’re being sold off to the local mill owner, cheap labour. Says he heard the master talking to matron last night. Seems we’ll be used as doorstops to start with, until we get a bit bigger.”

“Could’ve been worse, Billy. I heard the last basket load never even made it to the village. Fell off the back of the cart, killed them all, poor buggers. Pete’s quiet; is he alright?”

“He’s fine; just can’t take his drink. A couple of bottles and he’s out for the count.”



9 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 36 — WINNERS!

  1. Superb choices by beth this week.
    Well done to this weeks winners row.

    A quick note to all writers this week. Thankyou for your fab tales. They, if a tad scary in places, cheered me up with something fun and fab to read. 🙂

  2. Beth – thank you for your kind words, so glad you enjoyed the story. It was both a great surprise and a great honour to find myself this week’s winner – there were so many tremendous entries. Congratulations to the other winners this week – some great stories. It was amazing how one photo could provoke so many responses.

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