Just for Fun: The Spell

Dornroschen, sculpted by Louis Sussmann

Dornroschen, sculpted by Louis Sussmann

The Spell

Written by Rebekah Postupak

for #MondayMixer

Helen’s favorite pastime was sitting in the meadow wearing her favorite pink zephyr and watching the cows ruminate. She would nap and ruminate too, also sometimes with grass, since she was an insular and somnolent sort of person, a stranger to Deep Thoughts.

Periodically her father thundered by, billhook in hand, slashing violently at invisible bracken; but Helen, neither pawky nor observant, kept dozing.

“You can’t go on this way forever,” said her mother one day, sparging her soporific daughter with a generous bucket of brisk well water. “It’s noon, for heaven’s sake. And you’re nearly forty.”

Helen blenched and leapt up, shrieking. But after only a moment she shook herself off and fell back into the grass with a plonk.

“She’s certainly gorgeous,” Helen’s mother complained to a friend later. “But… are you sure your spell worked properly?”

“Beats me,” said the witch, resuming her spinning with a grin. 


Inspired by this week’s Monday Mixer, using all nine words listed (Overachiever attempt!) within the 150 word count requirement: 

Things: 1) zephyr 2) plonk 3) billhook

Verbs: 1) ruminate 2) sparge 3) blench

Adjectives: 1) pawky 2) somnolent 3) insular


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