Just for Fun: This Isn’t Going to End Well, I Don’t Think


This Isn’t Going to End Well, I Don’t Think

By Rebekah Postupak

Written for Monday Mixer

She’d paid for a howling portent but wound up with giggling fandangle. A mail-ordered craven lackey netted her a purring kitten. The creaking steps? Gumdrops.

No matter how much Eloise spent, her hoped-for horrifying, threadbare manse insisted on turning itself into a homey cottage.

“This just won’t do,” Eloise raged. “I must frighten, not beguile, visitors.”

The house said nothing, though the merry fire in the hearth flushed slightly.

“I am a bad witch,” said Eloise. “BAD. WITCH. This means I do people ill. You know this.”

Refulgent soap bubbles goose-stepped enthusiastically across the counter. Eloise ignored them.

“How am I supposed to carry on my Very Important Work with this nonsense? Candycane doorposts?! A GINGERBREAD ROOF?”

Birds nattered softly, pecking at sugared window panes, and Eloise flung herself into a chair in despair. “Imbecile. You’ve made this the most ridiculous witch’s house ever. Who would take me seriously now??”


150 words, Overachiever Attempt

Inspired by this week’s Monday Mixer contest, using seven of the words listed within the 150 word count requirement: –

Things:         1) fandangle      2) portent      3) swain

Verbs:           1) natter            2) beguile      3) wallop

Adjectives:   1) threadbare   2) refulgent   3) craven


4 thoughts on “Just for Fun: This Isn’t Going to End Well, I Don’t Think

  1. Not only do I love the story, but I have a newfound respect for not only the exact word count, but being able to work the required words in. That is no easy feat. Well done!

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