Flash! Friday # 31 — WINNERS!

One cannon. One mountain. Infinite number of story possibilities! You all showed up with arsenals exploding with creativity. No matter the prompt, you always manage to knock our socks off with your writing. Thanks as ever for coming out to play and to encourage each other. See you next week!


Judge Dan Radmacher says, This week’s prompt seemed to really get the creative juices flowing. Dragons, magic, mysterious backdrops and, of course, lots and lots of battles. This was a great collection, as usual, making the judge’s job pleasantly difficult. 



Kay Sully, “Imagination.” This was a sweet tale that charmingly captured the innocence and imagination of youth. Well done. 


Sarah Cain, “The Glory of Battle.” In some ways this was the tonal opposite of “Imagination.” This wasn’t about innocence and imagination; it was about a man who long ago lost his innocence and who had seen things he never could have–or would have wanted to–imagine. The weight on his shoulders is palpable, thanks to the excellent writing.


Mary Decker, “Heritage.” This lovely little tale bridges the thematic difference between the honorable mention and the second runner up. There’s innocence. And indifference. There’s what must have been a horrific battle, but with more distance and a greater sense of duty. And then the indifference and distance are overcome as the main character realizes the meaning of honor and sacrifice and bravery. Awesome.

And our Flash! Friday familiar competitor but first-time gold medalist



for “Ill-Tempered.”  Let me count the ways I love this piece. First of all, I love the title’s subtle pun. There’s some very descriptive prose here. You really put the reader in Smith’s shoes. The ending provided a nice little twist. In addition, you managed to hint at a much larger tale that made me want to learn more. It’s not often I read the very first entry and realize I’ve probably already found the winner, but that’s what happened this time. Wonderful, compelling job.  

Congratulations, Craig! Here are your Winner’s Page, your magnificently crafted eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature (I can’t wait!).


The liquid glowed red like a sunset as it poured from the melting pot. The Smith wiped his brow with a thick leather glove to prevent the sweat from trickling into his eyes. He carefully guided the substance into the mould under the watchful gaze of his captors. They frantically made notes, studying his every move so as to eventually remove his usefulness to them. The only way to prolong this miserable existence was to keep them guessing. He changed the process again, this time pouring cold water onto the sculpture. It hissed and spat in protest as they scribbled away.

The ugly one with the moustache barked at him in broken English. “Why you add water?”

“It settles the metal quicker, makes it stronger. Allows you to pack it with more gunpowder, to fire further.”

Ugly smiled a wicked, one-toothed grin.

It would take several days for the metal to cool, and several more for them to ship this evil contraption to the castle. By the time they tried to fire it he would likely be dead, but he would get the last laugh when the weakened steel exploded in their faces. This would be his final contribution to the rebel cause.


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