Flash! Friday # 27 — WINNERS!

NOTE: Flash Points will post on Tuesday this week. Thanks!

A barrel of fun you all were this week! I loved the crazy adventures you plotted out for our poor unfortunate sailor and/or his barrel. Thanks for coming out to splash with us for a paragraph or two. Thanks too to judge Patricia McCommas for her judgework and enthusiastic comments. Y’all are awesome. Big! Hugs!


Judge Patricia McCommas says, Once again it was very hard choosing a winner; so many of the stories were simply excellent! I finally made my decision based on the most unique interpretations of the prompt. Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thanks to the many writers who took the time to comment on others’ stories.



Sinead O’Hart, “Voyage into the Dark.” Great job setting the scene; I could actually see this story in the photo. I love this style of writing and would love to read more. 

Pratibha, “Paparazzi.” Spine-chilling twist at the end, and unfortunately more truth than fiction. 

MT Decker, “Shooting the Rapids.” Excellent play on words!

Marie McKay, “Re: Cousins Abroad.” This story was told from a totally unique perspective.


K. Alexander, Untitled. Heartwarming and inspiring; a worthy contender.

Kevin S. Julien, Untitled.  This tale was hilarious. I love that the angel died from being shamed to death. 

Maggie Duncan, “Stroke.” Excellent, well-written piece with a great ending. Can you say “kharma,” baby?! 

And our Flash! Friday first-time gold medalist, it’s-about-time-she-won



for “Last Regrets.”  This story was absolutely the most unique and creative of the bunch (and that’s saying something). The perspective of the barrel was so humorous. Danielle also wins props for posting her story second. The hardest stories to write are the first few, as later entrants have the benefit of reading others’ stories first. Way to go, Danielle, for a deserving win!

Congratulations, Danielle! Here are your Winner’s Page, your glowingly gorgeous eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

Last Regrets

This ending lacks dignity; that bothers me. Most barrels in our clan got a noble finale, a fitting send-off. Dad, who had held Jack Daniels for years, was shoved off a burning boat to save lives. Mum was once a wine barrel who became garden furniture, and eventually she faded with time. And here I am headed straight for a waterfall with some adventure seeker who hasn’t seen fate coming. I’m not going out gracefully or helping people, yet I will be the family barrel who makes the nightly news for failing to carry this fool when he shouldn’t have made me into a raft.



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