Flash! Friday # 26 — WINNERS!

Many thanks for your deep patience, dear ones, while I suffered (and I do mean suffered) a three-day long Internet outage (in some places such an event would carry criminal charges). This week’s schedule will be a bit topsy-turvy while we dig our way through the backlog. In the meantime, thank you again for writing at Flash! Friday; thanks to judge Anthony Marchese; and now, straight to results!


Judge Anthony Marchese says, There is so much emotion tied up in this image and so much it could spark. I thought our Dragony Hosts must have it in for me with a 500 word max, but you all kept even my ADD brain engaged. This poor child landed in the middle of many different stories: some funny, many tear-jerking, but all thought-provoking. Thank you all again for the opportunity to judge your works.



Betsy Streeter, Untitled. Most wrote about the boy as a victim; Betsy turned this on its head. The thought of sociopathic children always sends a chill down my spine.

M.T. Decker, “Not A Potato.” When all seems lost, a man finds new hope in his children. Very touching. 

Maggie Duncan, “Our Finest Hour.” I sympathized not only with the character’s grief, but also the awkwardness of wanting to help this child without trying to “replace” his son.


Marissa Ames“Tattoo.” Marissa painted an interesting scene. We find even the old man who appears out of place has a tattoo, but not what the others are thinking. We’re left wishing we could see the look on the Rebel’s face when he figures it out. 

And our Flash! Friday first-time trophy-taking, it’s-about-time-she-won



for “Brave.”  Marie gives us a few paragraphs of a boy speaking to his toy, who attempts to comfort the animal while he himself is lost and confused. It was heart-wrenching to hear him project his emotions onto his stuffed friend. Kudos for such a stirring, powerful tale.

Congratulations, Marie! Here are your Winner’s Page, your marvelous eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.


‘It’s okay, Humphrey. You can open your eyes. The airplanes are definitely away. They won’t be back for a while. Sure, I’m sure. Try not to shiver so much. I’ll wrap you up in my coat, see? That’s better. Mother wouldn’t want you to be so scared. She’d want you to be her Brave Little Man.

We’ll be all right. I am sure I have an Aunt Ethel somewhere mother talked of. She’ll look after us. Of course there will be room for you! My aunt will love stuffed toys, I just know she will. She lives out in the countryside. That’ll make a nice change, now, won’t it? It’s bound to be quiet out there, and there’ll be plenty of space to run around in. A Hippo like you needs a lot of space.
There now, try not to cry, Humphrey. It will be okay. You can be a brave Hippo, can’t you?

I am going to miss Albert too. There, there. It’s all right if you had a fall out with him before we left today. Of course it is. I know he was like a brother to you too. He wouldn’t want you to feel bad, now. Try not to think about it, Humphs, it will only make you sad. You don’t want tears coming down your face when we talk to the Warden, do you? You don’t want them to think you’re a baby? Aunt Ethel might not want us if we look like we’re going to cause her trouble.

There’s Mr. Leonard, from the corner shop. Let’s see if he can help us. He’s sitting down, now. But I think he might be crying. Maybe we can wait a few minutes before we go over.

You know, I can be brave for the both of us, Humphrey. Just you wait and see what good care I can take of you.

I really don’t think Mother is coming for us. I think we really do need to go to Aunt Ethel’s. We need to find the Warden, now. But we’ll be okay. I’ll look after you.

Promise – you see if I don’t. Look, Humphs: cross my heart and hope to die.’



6 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 26 — WINNERS!

  1. Thank you so much! I am delighted.( Thanks, also, for all the hard work that goes into this site.) Congratulations to all!

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