Dragon Munchies: A Whole Tale in Just One Bite

Super short original tales to snack on

by Rebekah Postupak  

Dragon Munchies

The Door

by Rebekah Postupak

for the Trifecta writing challenge

(333 words exactly)

In her parents’ will was a car door. Like it wasn’t already inconsiderate enough of her parents to up and die shortly after Sasha’s twentieth birthday—but they left her a door, and that’s it? It wasn’t even a pretty door, just a 1970s green one with the kind of window you have to crank up and down like a ten-pound free weight.

Sasha grumbled about it to her friends (or, more accurately, to the one friend who still listened long after everyone else’s eyes had rolled back into their heads). Truthfully, she complained to anyone with ears.

“I was counting on that money for college!” she said. She dabbed at her eyes before adding hastily, on seeing her therapist’s raised brow, “I mean, after I tragically found out about their deaths and heroically decided I should go.”

“Maybe the door is meant symbolically,” said Sam the Mailman, handing her a bill from Macy’s.

“It’s the door to a new you!” her personal trainer said. “The door of possibility.”

Sasha sniffed. “More like the door of inconvenience.”

“Why are you hanging on to the door, then?” asked her therapist some months later. “Let’s talk about that for a minute.”

“Shouldn’t we talk some more about how my parents stiffed me?” said Sasha, sending Dark Thoughts toward the door, which was now leaning quite comfortably against the wall.

“Your dime,” said the therapist, equally comfortably.

As soon as the session ended, Sasha sold the door, calculating that the $100 would cover three mani/pedis, which was a much better legacy and would help her think more favorably of her deceased parents.

Not being the reading sort, she missed the next day’s report on how a local junk dealer found a bag of diamonds stashed in a car door and closed his business so he could take his family to their new home in Tahiti for the winter.

“It was the door of healing,” Sasha said proudly to her friend Rick, just before he dozed off.

35 thoughts on “Dragon Munchies: A Whole Tale in Just One Bite

    • Ah, but would you read about it in the paper the next day? or would you sail along, bubbly and at peace in your ignorance?

  1. Ignorance is bliss. I kept thinking, open the door, like some magic would happen. Diamonds – wow. A friend of mine discovered her mother in law had folded twenties and hundred dollar bills and stuffed them into the edges of picture frames, after they had thrown out many. We should all share our secrets.

    • I know, isn’t that amazing? Happens all the time, where people find treasures in the commonest of places. But what gets me about Sasha (aside from her self-centered stinkyness) is that while, yes, she missed out on the money she’d been hoping for, her real loss goes so much deeper.

      • Yes, her loss is much deeper, and she doesn’t even realize it. In a way, she got what she deserved, ignorance and unhappiness. The end is telling, Great story.

    • If you’re the kind of person who’d kick yourself over it, you’d probably have found the bag yourself!

    • I’m sure Sasha has NO IDEA what you’re talking about. She’s too busy considering learning how to cure cancer.

  2. Well, you know what? Sometimes a good mani/pedi is worth. . .well. . .nevermind. That just stinks. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with this fun piece. Make sure you come back and vote at the end, ok?

    • I wonder how many mani/pedis a girl could get with a bag of diamonds in NYC? I’m betting at least five.

      • and PS. Thank you for the fun contest! have wanted to join for a while; apparently this week marked my door of get-to-itiveness.

    • That’s a fascinating concept, isn’t it, someone “deserving” wealth? I agree that finding the diamonds probably wouldn’t have improved her life in the end.

  3. Some people are just perpetually looking the other way. Nicely parabolic. Loved the snark in the second paragraph, too!

  4. What a painful ending, the kind that sneaks up on you and makes you feel more for the main character… kind of a gift of the magi situation. Or a George Costanza one. 🙂

  5. This is truly a masterpiece!Loved the lines “Sasha grumbled about it to her friends (or, more accurately, to the one friend who still listened long after everyone else’s eyes had rolled back into their heads). Truthfully, she complained to anyone with ears.”Ha!Ha!And I do agree-her parents did stiff her-I mean who leaves diamonds attached to a car door & not tell their only child who is not really a kids anymore!Glad that Sasha like me,never read the newspaper or she would have gone mad with regret,lol!You sure are getting my vote this week Rebekah and am coming back to read more about you & your blog:-)

  6. Congratulations and great twist of an ending! Thought there might be something hiding in the door…all the detective shows I watch. Lovely story! You did the therapist’s part well ;-O

  7. Congratulations! though have to say I kinda saw that coming–however, I was thinking more along the lines of magical–like Narnia or something 🙂 Wonderfully told, with lots of smiles–you had me at “Dragon Munchies” 😉

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