Just for Fun: The Throne


The Throne

by Rebekah Postupak

for Monday Mixer

It was an audacious undertaking. But we knew every canard and believed ourselves immortal. Up the glacier we went, scrambling over the rough moraine into its blinding whiteness, each armed only with a stick-and-stone stiletto and bravado.

Marre vanished first, the ice crumbling beneath her. We pressed on, hearts in throats, not looking back.

Jezzi tumbled next, seized quick as lightning by a mountain cat; followed hard after by Jerra, whose hysterical form left not even a shadow. We pushed on faster, choking back tears and snow.

Only two of us made it to the top: Erria and me, and I, blue-lipped and triumphant, reached the Tree first. Erria fell to her knees and mumbled something obsequious. I, the youngest Ice Queen in ten generations!

I turned to survey the vast, frigid depths and my exultation faded. My kingdom, yes—if I could survive long enough to let them know.

150 words

Overachiever attempt: 5/9 words. See contest rules here.

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