Flash! Friday # 21 — WINNERS!

A ladder reaching into the sky?! I love how you all sent your characters up (and down) the rungs, despite their kicking and screaming. Another stupendous week with loads of powerful, funny, wrenching tales. Thank you so much for coming & sharing your talents here at Flash! Friday. You’re amazing.

Of course, please check back Monday to see which of your FIFTY stories will be highlighted at Flash Points, and join me Tuesday for Dragon Munchies and my own wee tale. Wednesday will feature an interview with today’s winner. 


Judge Kinza Carpenter Shores says, Man that was tough! AT LEAST half of my top 16 could have easily won depending on personal tastes. 😀  I managed to narrow it down, though, after some hearty soul-searching and tearing of hair and/or clothing.



Maggie Duncan“Escalera del Jacobo.” This piece wound horror and that tricky emotional heartstring-pulling quality that several of the others focused on with such a nostalgic image. It had character and feeling. Gorgeous imagery, and such a complete story with so many societal/classist/racism implications that I couldn’t help but think about the issues surrounding the character’s position in reality. Good fiction often has a strong pull in reality, and this piece had it.



Marie McKayUntitled. THAT LAST LINE. Man, I was hooked. I was curious before, but that last line could have sunk the Titanic on its own! I WANT SO MUCH MORE. The mystery alone in this piece, and the imagery, made it a stellar story; just wished it could have been longer! (though that mystery and suspense may not have held up under more words….)


Holly Kench, Untitled. There were a couple of Jack & the Beanstalk references, but this one seemed the most well-done to me, the most original. I loved the down-to-earth voice of the character on the ground, as well as the refreshing opposite viewpoint of the story. Retellings of fairytales can seem like a crutch to some, but I think they can be really difficult to make feel fresh and exciting. I was really impressed with this tale. 

And our If you’re happy and you know it



for “Concept Meets Execution.” Maybe it’s the two humor-fantasy books I’ve read recently, but this one just threw the funny ball right in my face! I didn’t expect the voices to come from cats, and it was a charming, well-defined plot with very clear characters AND humor all in 100 words! I was impressed! I think sometimes people don’t take humor seriously, but laughter can be hard to garnish and happiness isn’t always an easy emotion to write.

Congratulations, Jeffrey! Here are your Winner’s Page, your eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap with your email address  so I can interview you for Wednesday’s “Sixty Seconds” feature.

Concept Meets Execution

How the heck did you get that thing up in the tree anyway?”

“That’s hardly the issue. We finally have the means to put that damnable bluejay in his place once and for all. Well, not like we have all day, chap…up you go.”

“Wait. You want me to climb up that? Are you insane? You are, I assume, aware we are cats and do not have opposable thumbs? We’ll break our fool necks.”

“Oh, I’m not climbing. I’m a big picture type….an ideas man. I’ll leave the grunt work to you. Now, go on.”

Grumbling, Mittens began his ascent.


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