Just for Fun: The Rector

Photo courtesy of Diggerdano, Morguefile

Photo courtesy of Diggerdano, Morguefile

The Rector

by Rebekah Postupak

for Monday Mixer

When new rector Father Jorge built a kirkyard racetrack, most members protested. But their noise was more obligatory than seditious, and after a week or two even Mrs. Garcia’s promised paroxysm remained a toothless threat. Truth be told, no other church in all the grand if insular pampas offered such a diversion, and come Friday nights it was nice to have something to do.

When Father Jorge hung a disco ball from the nave’s keystone, the Board sat him down and reminded him firmly of Sacred Duty and Tradition. But a verbal truncheon, even one as impressive as the Board’s, is hard to take seriously with rainbows sparkling on the bearers’ heads, and eventually they too gave up.

A pool hall followed.

Then a casino.

“Fascinating updates!” said a visiting bishop one year. “But where is Father Jorge, and who is that clown up front in robes and a collar?”


150 words

Overachiever attempt: 8/9 words used


5 thoughts on “Just for Fun: The Rector

  1. LOL. Yes, I was going to have him doing his crepuscular duties, but if I’d squeezed that in it would have thrown the story off. So I resisted, even though it grates on my mild OCD to have only done 8/9…..

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