Flash! Friday # 15 — WINNERS!

As I suspected, you conniving dragons did not find the monks very… monk-like. Thanks a million for coming to play, writing such awesome and weird stuff, and encouraging your buddy writers in the comments (keep it up!). And thanks to Jaz for such profoundly cool judge dragonness.

Remember to check back Monday to see which exemplary story will be chosen for Flash Points.

Judge Jaz Draper says, That I get to judge Flash! Friday #15 on the Ides of March was not at all lost on me. I was such a Shakespeare geek in High School! that all these years later, I never don’t think that March 15th is the Ides of March, the day Julius Caesar was killed. For me this was the perfect prompt for the Ides and everyone wowed me with their entries. Monks! Witches! Viruses! And of course Dragons! But more importantly: thirty-six entries! A Flash! Friday record. What a blast to read and judge and what an honor. 

And now hold onto your hoard, cuz here we go:

Honorable Mentions

Two-timer Fraser (@FraserMcFraze), and Jeffrey Hollar (@Klingorengi), both of whom made me think, Hmmmm, what’s going to happen next??  

Runners Up

Lupus Anthropos (@LupusAnthropos) I started off thinking, Hmmm, women as witches, pretty ordinary, but still intrigued that the writer used the actual sculptress’ name in the piece and then the twist that she was the witch. I thought this was clever and something I would have attempted! Well done.

Betsy Streeter (@betsystreeter). Very clever! I found the dialog completely believable and this piece made me laugh out loud. She must have teenagers in her life! Very funny.

Second Place

Nick Johns (@nickjohns999It wasn’t until the last two paragraphs that Nick lets us know the speakers in the piece are viruses! Totally caught me off guard and made me reread several times to see if I was missing anything in the beginning. I wasn’t. And I want to know more! Lovely suspense!

And our amazing WHOOP-DE-DOO ROCKIN’




“Born of Shadows” was Chris’ first foray into our Flash! Friday contest and I don’t think it will be the last. The first two lines are this piece are beautifully eerie and hooked me immediately. I love his very visual writing style, phrases such as “her eyes would dart, like mad nymphs across the canopy” and “whispers of secrecy, of darkness.” I want to know what wish the character could be wishing for that she hopes never comes true. And what could possibly happen now that the penny never plunked. There’s at least a novelette in there somewhere! Give me more!

Congratulations, Chris! Here are your Winner’s Page, your eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap so I can interview you for Wednesday’s “Sixty Seconds” feature.

Born of Shadows

Born of shadows, born of night.

Born of stone, they wait. Patient, eternal.

“Ugh, those statues are too creepy,” she would whisper each time we walked passed; her eyes would dart, like mad nymphs across the canopy. Looking anywhere but there. “I always feel like they’re watching us.” Each time I would fling a penny against the cowled masonry, waiting to hear the clink of metal-on-stone followed by its plunk as it sank beneath the water.

Make a wish.

Hope it never comes true.

Every day on my way to work, to the patisserie, to my apartment I would pass them by a dozen times, their cloaks revealing whispers of secrecy, of darkness. Every day another penny.

“I swear I saw one move…” her voice quavered, fearful.

I just laughed, flinging another copper disc their way.


The smell of cold, of rain and decay.

The penny never plunked.



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