Flash! Friday # 13 — WINNERS!

Loved all the directions you swam with this week’s prompt. Thanks for sharing your mad writing skillz! And remember all entries remain eligible for highlighting in Monday’s Flash Points.

Judge Kinza Carpenter Shores says while the winning tale swam to the top pretty quickly, identifying the runners up gave her a serious water aerobic workout.  She says, I loved the diversity of the stories: not one was much like the others even when talking about mermaids. And they were all so interesting to read through! And so many could have won, they were so good. It was hard to decide. 

But as ever, winners must be chosen, so without further ado:

Honorable Mention

Dr Magoo (@drmagoo). Loved the repetition; it felt kind of like poetry in the prose there. The imagery was beautiful. I wanted to know more about why she was dancing in this place and what the ‘beast’ was. It it was a beautiful piece.

Runners Up

Jalisa Blackman (@J_M_Blackman), for “Get Raised.” I loved the way the magic and the world are described here; it says a lot about the main character and the place she lives in. I really wanted to read more about this piece. It fit the prompt completely and was beautifully described.

Amy Beth Inverness (@USNessie). I loved how it fit the prompt exactly and was so very different from all the other pieces. It was haunting and made me want to know more about the ‘mystery’ of this tank. It was very well written and I would have loved to know more.

And our floatin’, crazy WOW AWESOME TOP DRAGON WINNER….


(@Angelique_Rider) for “Lights, Camera, Action.”

Knowing of all the times directors did real things to their actors to get real responses before laws came out to protect actors, I felt this piece had a dose of reality to it. The picture painted not only fits the prompt 100% but is also unsettling and made me say ‘Oh my god” out loud when I read it. It was well-written and contained a complete story with ease inside the word limit. You could experience this piece through the writing and not a single line threw me off, or seemed stretched. The malice and downright acceptance of what was happening by the camera men, the actor and the director were all very creepy and portrayed quite well.

Congratulations (again), Robin! Here are your updated Winner’s Page, your eBadge, and your winning Tale.

Why she had agreed to be in the movie, Maureen would never know. It had seemed the right thing to do at the time; work was scarce and she wasn’t as young as used to be. She wasn’t fond of water, but she needed money, so she signed on the dotted line. Now, as they attempted to film the underwater scene for what had to be the fiftieth time, she was over it. It was the last scene before the film was complete. She was cold and so drenched from being submerged over and over again in the deep dark depths, she didn’t think she’d ever dry out.

She drew in a breath of air, as Simon called out “Okay, let’s roll. Action!”

Maureen dropped below the surface again, determined to do everything in her power to make this the last take. She glanced back over her right shoulder at the menacing figure moving toward her, harpoon in hand. She opened her mouth and screamed silently, bubbles rushing to the surface. The underwater camera guy gave her a thumbs up. Thank God it was over. She started to rise to the surface, and found herself unable to do so. Frowning, she glanced back.

The diver grinned at her devilishly, his hand clamped around her ankle. Her lungs were starting to ache, and she frowned at him, motioning frantically. He shook his head, and pulled her further from the air she so desperately craved. She turned her head, looking for help, but the cameraman continued to film, ignoring her. Blackness crept in around the edges of her vision, and then…nothingness.

When the film was released, everyone marveled at the stunning performance given by Maureen O’Toole. “What a shame it was her last film,” critics were heard to say. The director just smiled.



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