Flash! Friday # 10 — WINNERS!

THANKS, everybody, for braving blizzards (and, sigh, blue skies) to play at Flash! Friday. I LOVE all the directions you took our young man; even those of you who went with the actor/theater idea stuffed your stories with creativity. Awesome work.

** Your usual reminder that if you’ve got a minute and haven’t read or commented on yesterday’s stories yet, please do so–feedback is even better than jalapenos, and that’s saying something.

THANKS also to our dapper judge Dan Radmacher for his thoughtful work and fine decision-making.

Dan says:

What a terrific prompt this week. Just enough detail to get the creative juices flowing; more than enough ambiguity to give them plenty of room to flow. And you all took advantage. There was not a bad story in the bunch. So much drama, as befits the setting of the stage, and so much emotion and angst, also fitting. You make a judge’s life difficult.
But decisions must be made. Let’s start with an honorable mention or two — OK, three. 

Honorable Mentions

Beth Peterson (@PotterBeth). First out of the gate, you captured the dedication, desperation and despair of a performer on the edge. I wanted to know if he succeeded or failed, and the price he paid after. 

Betsy Streeter (@BetsystreeterYour story was descriptive and honest and sweet.

Robin Abess (@Angelique_RiderZombies are just this close to being overdone, but you painted such a vivid portrait and had such a nice surprise ending, I had to at least give it a mention.

RUNNER UP: This was, I’ll admit, my favorite going into the final stretch, and I wasn’t sure anyone could top it:

Miranda Kate (@PurpleQueenNLYour story was vivid, compact, emotional and left me wanting to know so much more about the relationship you depicted. An interesting thing: I didn’t know what kind of performance you were describing. Was it a dramatic reading? A song? One player’s part in a play? And why the horror when he recognized the narrator? So many questions. So well done.

and…. our SMOKIN’ HOT WINNER….

CURTIS PERRY!! (@ctperry744)

What clinched this for me, I think, was the fact that, by the end, I had a clear vision of the painting — a Jackson Pollockesque tangle of splashed color in random dots and flung lines — and, with the final words, a real sense of impending loss. Also, Curtis managed to take a solo scene and create a secondary character with the room getting in a call and response with the artist. Again, I wanted to know more about the character and what brought him to this alienated stage. This was a very compelling piece, especially how it resolved the frantic beginning with the stillness of the prompt. Well done, and congratulations.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Curtis! Curtis, pick up your eMedal below and flash it with pride! Here is your own Flash! Friday winner’s page and your fiery winning tale:

Art for Art’s Sake

“I am alone, but I am never alone!” he shouted.

“alone…” the room said softly.

“The world is a crowded and busy place! Everybody talks, but nobody says anything! And nobody’s listening anyway!” he yelled.

“anyway…” whispered the room.

He pranced and danced, twirling and waving his arms to emphasize his anger.
“The world is crowded, but everyone is alone! No eye contact, no real intimacy! No one understands!” he screamed.

“stands…” the room repeated back.

He yelled wordlessly as he started flinging paint at the wall behind the stage. He stomped and threw brushes and screamed at his work. He kicked paint cans, colors splashing, cans crashing.

“I am nobody and I am everybody!” he cried, fist high in the air. “I am nothing and I am everything!”

“thing…” the room gently echoed back.

When his piece was done, he stood on the stage, breathing heavily, sweat and rage draining out of him. He stood in the spotlight, with his back to his art, looking out into the empty room.

“Art for art’s sake.” He said, too softly for an echo. “Art for an audience of one. An audience of none.”

One last act of self-expression, just before he walked out the door.

The lighting of a match.




4 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 10 — WINNERS!

  1. Thank you for picking me as runner up – I almost quote a piece out of a play but decided it detracted from it. It was a monologue, of a strong, maybe fierce piece. Thanks for the feedback, makes me think about what I need to put across out of the picture in my head!

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