Flash! Friday # 8 — WINNER!

THANKS, everybody, for coming out to play yesterday and to support each other on our writing journeys. What a riot to see gargoyles finally getting a little bit of (overdue, perhaps?) attention. Your wild tales took us to romance, adventure, mystery, death, and deep into the past–in fact, to the edge of madness (as @bullishink pointed out) where, I suspect, some of us linger still. Many thanks for strutting your stuff in such magnificent form. (Btw, if you’ve got a minute and haven’t read or commented on yesterday’s stories yet, please do so–you know how valuable feedback is to a writer!)

How this week’s judge Maggie Duncan chose her winners is a wonder. But she painstakingly managed it somehow, and here are the sizzling results.

Honorable Mention

Jaz Draper. Maggie says: Though this needs a better connection that Jinn is the “raven-haired nymph,” I liked the premise and the imagery. The closing “…wanting, for all eternity” was very evocative and reflected the prompt well. I did think “raven-haired nymph” was a bit of a cliché, but the story, overall, was original.

First Runner Up

Cara Michaels (@caramichaels). Maggie says: I got a genuine chuckle from this one. There were several, similar stories, but this one was definitely a unique take. The only suggestion I’d make is a dialogue tag, just to clarify the speaker of the final line is the gargoyle. An excellent take on the prompt, and, again, very original.

and…. today’s SMOKIN’ HOT WINNER….

BETH PETERSON!! (@PotterBeth)

Maggie says: This was a totally unique take on the prompt—no romance novel clichés, no obvious gargoyle clichés, either. As an historian, the title grabbed me, but the thing that made this the winner was it made me want to know what happened on Walpurgis Night, 1305. But the editor in me has one suggestion. I’d open the story with, “And this is the one that your…etc.” I think that would give us a breather from the somewhat lighthearted reference to Grannie Mattalie and would make the last sentence more impactful. Overall, a great, little story.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Beth! Beth, pick up your eMedal below and flaunt it with pride! Here’s Beth’s SECOND winning tale:

History Lesson
© Beth E. Peterson 2013

Lucinda patted the sun-warmed stone of the gargoyle’s shoulder, then pointed out the engraved “M” low on its backside. “And this is the one that your ever-so-many-times-great-grandmother Mattalie turned to stone on Walpurgis Night, 1305.” She glanced lovingly and with approval on her own daughter and granddaughter. “Never forget, no matter normal human prejudice or actions, it is our historic and sacred duty to protect them, and ourselves of course, from those from Outside.”



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