Welcome to Flash! Friday Week 8


Good morning! As you can see, Flash! Friday has its own, jewel-encrusted lair now. If you’re a #flashfriday winner, be sure to check out the winners pages–you have your very own sizzling trophy page! We’ve also got judge pages (today’s exciting judge is Her Ladyship Maggie Duncan), a tidy place to read the rules, the history of #flashfriday, and a list of regular ongoing contests.

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Be sure to bookmark this new site, follow the contest on Twitter, and come back at 9am for today’s Super Smokin’ Hot prompt. See you in a few!


IT’S TIME! Allow me to welcome you Most Giddily to Flash! Friday Week 8. Today’s prompt is another photo…. and a burning 75 word story limit (5 word margin this time–anywhere from 70-80 is permitted; be sure to include your word count and Twitter handle if you’ve got one). Read the rules if you haven’t already, and then…. GET WRITING!

To sum up:

* Word limit: Write a 75 word-story (with a 5-word margin) based on the photo prompt below. Post your entry in the comments on this post. Include your word count and Twitter handle so we can promote the heck outta ya.

* Deadline: 9pm ET tonight

* Winners: will post tomorrow (Saturday) morning

* Prize: A fabulous, sparkly e-trophy badge, your own winner’s page here at Flash! Friday, and WORLDWIDE FAME AND ADULATION!!!! (or at least as close as we can get ya to it!)

* Follow @FlashFridayFic on Twitter for the latest news/announcements/dragon breath.  (Whoops. Sorry about that last one. I’ll go ask about toothpaste.) And now for your prompt:


This contest is now closed to entries (but always open to comments/feedback!). Thanks to everyone for coming out to play today–hope you had as much of a riot as we did! The decision by our fabulous judge Maggie Duncan will be posted by tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

37 thoughts on “Welcome to Flash! Friday Week 8

  1. The Stone Mason’s Apprentice

    He stared up at that damn thing every day, from the moment we stepped foot in this god-forsaken city.

    “Such perfection,” he’d say, and I’d damn well bet there was tears in his eyes.

    “Ain’t nuttin like that in texas, eh?” I’d say to him, and nudge him a little bit. He’d look at me all funny like. “Jus’ an ugly rock, Jim.”

    Bastard tried to kill me that night, screamin’ bout offenses till I pushed him out the winda.

    80 words


  2. That’s Entertainment

    No matter how long he perched on his corniced vantage point, Marty never ceased to be amazed by just how damned entertaining these ephemeral beings could be.

    Already today, he’d seen an old woman plowed over by a bus, seven muggings, a rather nasty rape and what was, almost certainly, a fatal shooting.

    On days like this, he truly lamented having to remain in stone form as a bucket of popcorn and a big-gulp soda would make this show perfect.

    80 words @klingorengi


  3. Creed sat on his perch as he had done for centuries, watching and waiting. Waiting for the time he would be transformed from his stone shell. Little did the Parisians know that the time had come; little did they know that the spawn of the devil had been born; little did they know that the fight against good and evil would be stretched to the limits; little did they know that the outcome was unknown.

    75 Words.


  4. Stone Dominion

    “It’s mine. All mine, I tell you.”

    Norbu looked over the cityscape and licked his concrete lips. He’d been planning his takeover for centuries, coordinating with sepulchers, graveyards, and churches. He’d organized armies, found leaders who supported the cause, and arranged supplies, mostly marble and gravel quarries. Germany had several good ones.

    “Very soon now.” Norbu leaned forward on the crenulation, his eyes gleaming. As soon as darkness fell, so too would the gargoyle army.

    75 words without title


  5. The horned beast stood still, leaning forward to look out over the city. Far up on the cathedral, no one took notice of him as he gazed at the hustling crowds below.

    He sighed, a gaping emptiness inside. People everywhere, but no one even knew he existed. The loneliness was absolutely crushing.

    Slowly, the emptiness calcified and fossilized his heart. The loneliness no longer mattered.

    And soon enough after his heart turned to stone, the rest of him followed.

    79 words. @radmacher


  6. He’d always watched and looked for her figure poised in promise, her hand leaning on the latticed-frame, and her eyes eager even across the miles.
    Now, he was creased and he was eroded.
    But what did that mean?
    Their promise remained an intangible tether.
    And he loved that it did.
    But he loved her too so he’d tried to stop her but he’d only managed a feeble horn.
    After tonight, he would not exist and she would live again.

    79 words



  7. Legend

    “There is a legend about this particular gargoyle,” the tour guide told her. “It is said if a fair maiden, such as yourself, places a hand upon his head, he will come to life.” He leered at her suggestively, then turned to the rest of the group leading them on.

    “What a load of crap,” Moira murmured, giving the stone head a pat.

    “I agree,” said the gargoyle in a raspy voice. “You’re not my type at all.”

    79 words


  8. Stars: everyone took them for granted, yet there they stood in a multihued blanket in the sky. For once however, the stars were below her. The flashed and twinkled, and the glorious cacophony of sounds came up from the city below. There was a beauty in the stars below her that just wasn’t in the stars above. A small foot played at the edge of the terrace at the corner of First and Main.
    Words: 74
    Twitter: @Gold_and_Amber


  9. Perspective

    Four hundred and seventeen years, condemned to this eyrie; shunned, shamed and static. I see them.
    They slaughtered thousands in the battle for the city, spears, oils and arrows cutting them down like corn before a scythe.
    They poisoned hundreds. Industrial filth, , gasping children, lungs filled with tar and soot.
    Now, streets not safe to walk, feral gangs prey on those forced to venture out.
    And they call me ugly.

    75 words


  10. I wished the gargoyle on the balcony was alive. The questions I’d ask it! It had been there for three hundred years or more. It saw Paris before the Eiffel Tower, when the roads carried horses and carriages. It would have seen the Musketeers, the revolution, World Wars I and II. I stood on the balcony for hours, looking across Paris, trying to imagine all the sights that gargoyle had seen in its life.

    75 Words


  11. The wind whipped Jessi’s raven locks into a frenzy about her shoulders. A single tear left her shining violet eyes and rolled down her smooth ivory cheek. It was love that had forced her to do this. Love for the man she had vowed never to love again. She stepped shakily onto the concrete ledge in front of her, holding onto the gargoyle atop it for support.
    After a deep breath, she spread her arms out like wings and jumped.

    Word Count:80



    There is a fine line between sanity and madness. When Crispian could no longer weather the internal battle, he stepped off the ledge and fell into the city below.
    Instinctively, his wings caught an updraft, preserving his sham of a life for yet another day. The chill in his soul grew colder still and froze his fragmented heart. If he could not die for love, he’d gladly live to avenge it. His talons trembled in anticipation.

    – – – – –
    @bullishink / 76 words


  13. Waiting

    I watch, whilst the human race rushes about, no time to look up and remember me.

    I wait, until I am called into action to fight along side my brothers and sisters.

    I hope, that when the time is right I remember whose side I’m on.

    I pray, that I’m allowed to sit and watch the world for sometime to come.

    I sit, whilst the elements take time to slowly erode me from existence.

    Words 74


  14. “Hey Barb, come see this! You can see the Eiffel Tower from here!”

    “We should, with what we paid to get in here.”


    “Okay, in a minute. Come get rinsed.”

    “I heard they have special boats that can go under those bridges.”

    “Yes, dear, honestly. You’re not going anywhere until you’re clean. And take that thing off your face.”

    “Like you said, we paid for it, I’m gonna look.”

    “Fine, the lady’s gonna come back and there you’ll be.”

    80 words


  15. Here she was free. Here she could be herself without being judged. High above the world, free from those that mock or shy away.

    Here she was with the one she loved. He never judged or mocked or was embarrassed to be with her. He was her friend, her protector.

    She was crying, again. But today was different. A cold hand, gritty, but gentle on her shoulder. A low voice, rough but loving, whispering in her ear.

    “It’ll be alright.”

    80 words


  16. I rested my elbows on the ledge, a companionable distance from the gargoyle overlooking the Seine. I set my sights on the Eiffel Tower, but he stared west, content with glimpses of the tower in his periphery.

    “You seem too real, you know.” I propped my chin on my hands. “I imagine this life you must lead when no one is watching.”

    The grinding of stone made me turn.

    A stone eye fixed on me.

    “I wouldn’t object to company.”

    80 words


  17. She ran the tips of her fingers along his horn, her heart heavy with the memory of how he had been taken from her. The Eiffel tower in the distance reminding her of the laps they would take while surveying the city, their wings beating in synch. Her mind turned to thoughts of revenge; what would he have wanted? She smiled. When night fell they would know what it was to mess with the demon protectors.

    76 words


  18. (Correction) The Sentinel
    Silenus inhaled sharply, desire coursing through his loins. Slowly he turned away from the dancing muses, scanning the drunken bacchanalians for the raven-haired nymph who had captured his brother’s heart.
    Following Jinn onto the parapet, under the second full moon this month, he stole the one thing Dionysus’ wanted most: Jinn’s first coupling.
    The agonizing scream of Dionysus’ jealous fury, turned his brother into a stone sentinel, gazing at the City of Love, wanting, for all eternity.
    77 words.


  19. “Watchful Dark”

    The clouds hinted at rain, but only the increase of Gargoyles hinted at the coming darkness.

    Once Paris had been populated with concrete gargoyle, sculptures.

    But eventually they were replaced by metal-plated chimeras of technology. And those Gargoyles hunted anyone left, anyone who wasn’t tagged.

    He wasn’t.

    But he needed to find Leandra. She had been missing for three days. And only the night opened the doors she’d disappeared behind.

    It was just too bad about the Gargoyles.

    80 w/ title


  20. The city was safe at last.

    They congratulated themselves and tucked their children into bed with a collective sigh of relief. Five years—five long years of pain and darkness. More than one had felt certain the darkness might last forever. And it would have, the mayor assured them, had he lacked the genius to hire the Protector.

    The Protector’s skill was legendary. He’d keep them safe.

    That night they discovered that, as usual, the mayor was only half right.

    80 ineligible words


  21. History Lesson
    © Beth E. Peterson 2013

    Lucinda patted the sun-warmed stone of the gargoyle’s shoulder, then pointed out the engraved “M” low on its backside. “And this is the one that your ever-so-many-times-great-grandmother Mattalie turned to stone on Walpurgis Night, 1305.” She glanced lovingly and with approval on her own daughter and granddaughter. “Never forget, no matter normal human prejudice or actions, it is our historic and sacred duty to protect them, and ourselves of course, from those from Outside.”

    word count: 74
    twitter name: PotterBeth


  22. “I can see all of Paris from here!” Jean grasped the gargoyle and leaned forward.

    “Jean, that death grip you have on his horn might make him angry.”

    “He’s just stone, Anton” Jean rapped his knuckles on the gargoyle’s head, “Falling is much more terrifying than he is!”

    “THINK AGAIN.” The gargoyle turned.

    Jean was devoured within minutes.


    “I did warn him.”

    78 words


  23. Rue

    Gregor peered out from high above the Seine. Grey, he thought. Always grey. Even the Eiffel Tower — everything reflected grey in the river. The eyes were all that worked. At times he almost could feel the wind, or hear the birds landing on ears carved with a precision that never would matter. It was his own fault. All he’d wanted was what the others wanted. They’d been able to be John Malkovich. And he had arrived too late.

    79 words, with the title.


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