Flash! Friday Week 7 Winner

FIRST, a couple of special mentions. These ones didn’t quite place, but were compelling enough our noble judge Kinza wanted to point them out: Maggie Duncan @unspywriter (because it was Kinza’s husband’s first pick!) and Josette Keelor @josettekeelor (Kinza says: I really, really loved it. It would probably make the best first paragraph in a novel, probably ever. It was mysterious and exciting. I wanted to keep reading it and was sad that it only had to be 100 words long).

And now…. on to the winners!

CONGRATS to our two honorable mentions: 

Cara Michaels @caramichaels. Kinza says: The imagery was haunting. I got so interested in the meaning of the gathering, of whether or not they were ghosts and the implications of the bones and what not that I really loved it. I’m amazed at how much of a scene you created from just 100 words.

Jeffrey Hollar @klingorengi. Kinza says: It was very technically well done. Everything felt like it just dropped out of that period of time, and the character seemed very very real. The voice was very in character and I almost felt like I was watching ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’


drum roll, please…… our BIG SHOT WILDFIRE WINNER for Round 7 is:

MARK ETHRIDGE @LurchMunster.

You are the crazy WILDFIRE winner of this week’s Flash! Fiction competition. Kinza says: It had a discernible theme that stuck with me and caused me to feel personal emotions. The characters felt real, and the scene was described in such a way that I felt I could be there. I just felt it was good writing and anything that strikes a chord, must be good, I think.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wear your electronic badgery with pride, Mark! –and everybody else promote the heck out of him on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook (and skywriting, of course, if you’re friendly with any dragons). Here’s his tale:


Momma wanted a family picnic every Sunday after church. Even though Daddy hated them. He always stood off to the side at them. But every Sunday after church, Daddy drove us someplace different in the countryside. Momma sat with us and we gossiped about who was dating whom, who was going to marry whom and who slept with whom.

Poor Daddy endured it all. We and Momma knew he loved us and would do everything he could to make us happy, but we all knew the one thing he’d asked for that God hadn’t given him.

A son.

Loads of thanks to Judge Kinza Carpenter Shores. We’ll see y’all again next week–Friday the 25th at 9am. Get ready!



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