Flash! Friday Week 7


Welcome to Week 7 of SVWriters Flash! Friday. This is a weekly flash fiction writing competition which runs each Friday 9 am til 9 pm ET.  (Skim through the rules if you haven’t already.)

Short version: stories that don’t follow the prompt will be DQ’d. Comments on other stories? WELCOME! Comments after the contest is closed, and wildly promoting your own story and others via Twitter/Facebook/sky-writing dragons: encouraged! ♥ (Questions? Also welcome–add them in the comments on this post.) Submit your stories as a comment on this page (one entry per person). If you HAVE to make a change after posting, you may–but be sure to add “revised” on the new one so we know you did so. We will delete your original post. But no editing past tonight’s 9pm deadline.

Judging will begin as soon as the contest closes, with results posted here (and tweeted/facebooked/skywritten, obviously) Saturday morning.

This week’s judge: Brilliant SVW Member Kinza Carpenter Shores. Kinza is a 23 year old job-searching college graduate who owns two wonderful Siberian huskies (her babies!!) and has a wonderful, supportive, sweet husband.  She has now written ‘the end’ to TWO novels in her life, one in 9th grade (which she warns us is horrible horrible stuff >.<) and the other was the nuclear disaster (her words) she spewed last year through her first NaNo. She majored in studio art and even now, draws everything she writes and writes everything she draws. Her ideal career would be an animator/ graphic novelist.

LET’S PLAY! Today’s prompt is short ‘n’ sweet:
100 words exactly (aren’t I generous!), based on this photo (also include your Twitter handle if you’ve got one, and your word count):
Hints: Winning entries usually express a complete story. Vivid language. A fresh and/or fun concept. Twists are awesome but not required. We’re looking for stories that stick in our gut and bother us all day, like a bowl of bean soup.
And now…. WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! have a BLAST!
This contest is now closed to entries (but always open to comments/feedback!). Thanks to everyone for coming out to play today–hope you had as much of a riot as we did! Results will be posted by tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

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