Flash! Friday Week Six WINNER

Congratulations to Ray Morris (@iwrites). You are the crazy WILDFIRE winner of this week’s Flash! Fiction competition. In just 50 words you conveyed a complete story, introduced us to a creepy new world, AND laid ground for a sequel. That’s some serious writing chops. Grab your fiery badge (below) and display it proudly! Congrats!

Round and Round

“This is where she died,” Konner said. His heavily-suited body halted in the center of the ruined town, a bone fragment at his feet. The group of men with him looked around, taking in the devastation that ringed the area.

“The last Witch,” Micah said, softly.

“Until yesterday,” Konner replied.

And CONGRATS!!!! to our smokin’ campfire runners up this week:

Dan Radmacher: Several people wrote similar tales, but your take was fresh and your twist hilarious.

Meredith (@dailybipolar): Because this story was just plain funny–so much angst and stubborn determination squished into a single sentence–that last line is still cracking me up.

Finally–huge thanks to everybody for coming out to write this week. Biggest thanks of all to those of you who took the time to offer feedback on everyone’s work. That takes time, but it means the world to writers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ll see y’all again next week–Friday the 18th at 9am. Get your pens ready!


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