Flash! Friday Week Five Contest

Welcome to Week 5 of SVWriters Flash! Friday (I know–can you believe it?!). This is a weekly flash fiction writing competition which runs each Friday 9 am til 9 pm ET.  (Skim through the rules if you haven’t already.)

Short version: stories that don’t follow the prompt will be DQ’d. Comments on other stories? WELCOME! Comments after voting on the poll: encouraged! ♥ (Questions? Also welcome–add them in the comments on this post.) Submit your stories as a comment on this page (one entry per person). If you HAVE to make a change after posting, you may–but be sure to add “revised” on the new one so we know you did so. We will delete your original post. But no editing past tonight’s 9pm deadline.

Voting will begin as soon as the poll goes up on this page after 9 pm tonight. Voting will be live until Saturday at 9 pm.

LET’S PLAY! Today’s prompt is:
With all this talk of new years and beginnings, let’s not let our poor Mayan friends go unforgotten. Today’s prompt is about endings. Your story must be around 150 words (with 10 words’ grace on either side–in other words, between 140-160 words), and it must end with the following (note: it’s acceptable to incorporate this clause into a sentence; the “q” does not need to be capitalized):
Quietly she began to sing.
GO! WRITE! Flaunt your skills!

We are now closed to new submissions. Let the voting begin! Please vote for only one entry. Everyone may vote whether you submitted an entry or not. Comments always welcome. Good luck writers!


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