Flash! Friday Week Three Contest

Welcome to Week 3 of SVWriters Flash! Friday. This is a weekly flash fiction writing competition which runs each Friday 9 am til 9 pm ET (with an extra hour–closing at 10 pm tonight only).  (Skim through the rules if you haven’t already.)

Short version: stories that don’t follow the prompt will be DQ’d. Comments on other stories? WELCOME! Comments after voting on the poll: encouraged! ♥ (Questions? Also welcome–add them in the comments on this post.) Submit your stories as a comment on this page (one entry per person). If you HAVE to make a change after posting, you may–but be sure to add “revised” on the new one so we know you did so. We will delete your original post. But no editing past tonight’s 10pm deadline.

Voting will begin as soon as the poll goes up on this page after 10 pm tonight. Voting is live until Saturday at 10 pm.

LET’S PLAY! Today’s prompt is:
Again, photo only (couldn’t resist–just look at this wonderful image!!). Use this photo as your inspiration to write a 150-word story (150 words exactly!). You’ve got until 10 pm on the dot tonight (extra time since I’m posting it late) for your story to be eligible for voting.
Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator,_advertising_poster,_1863
We are now closed to new submissions. Let the voting begin! Please vote for only one entry. Everyone may vote whether you submitted an entry or not. Good luck writers!

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