Flash! Friday Week Two WINNER

It’s with ENORMOUS pleasure I present this week’s fiery wreath to my gorgeous and fabulous co-conspirator SUSAN WARREN UTLEY–her story about loneliness and the passage of time struck a strong and deserving chord among the voters.

HUZZAH, Susan!

Grab your loot  (don’t forget your potholders) and BRAG AWAY, Susan! Congratulations!

Standing in front of the theatre, Richard takes a long drag from his last cigarette. For him, smoking is more than a pleasure–more than an addiction, it is an indicator of time–a modern hourglass if you will. One cigarette between trains. Two smokes between acts. A way to pass time during the lonely intervals of a solitary life. A man with a cigarette has a reason for standing alone. A man without is simply alone. As Sophia approaches, he tosses the butt to the ground, crushing it beneath his heel. He smiles and exhales. Someone to stand with in between.




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