Flash! Friday Week One WINNER

WELL, LOOK WHO WON! Hats off, three cheers, raise your glasses (including bifocals) to MAGGIE DUNCAN, the very first winner (by a landslide) of our very first Flash! Friday!

Grab your loot  and BRAG AWAY, Maggie! Congratulations!

On Friday, everything changed, and this should have been the story of everyone’s lifetime.

In 1974, we sent the Arecibo Message out into the universe, and we, young and eager for a reply, celebrated the intellectual exercise. The decades passed in silence, and we were still there, now old and cynical.

On December 21, 2012, the answer came: “We are here. Shall we meet?” Our arthritic high-fives resounded, then reality dawned. Interstellar distances and human life-spans being what they are, we debated the futility of responding, of not being here for the follow-on message.And so, we replied, “Never mind.”




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